D2 on a netbook

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User Info: antman157

7 years ago#1
About to purchase a netbook for small everyday tasks ...

Im looking at installing this for some on the fly .net play when im in range of a wifi .. Has anyone installed this game on a netbook? Hows the gameplay for you? What video settings do you play on? And what netbook are you running it on?

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User Info: Raging_Infernus

7 years ago#2
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User Info: bubbaX

7 years ago#3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZrBNsOYewQ - Me playing Sailor moon on piano watch it and comment! Would gladly appreciate it :).

User Info: GTTFOS

7 years ago#4
not very enjoyable.
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User Info: Piloturaki

7 years ago#5
It actually works pretty decently on my netbook. I wouldn't do an 8 player ball run unless I planned to sit in a corner and avoid summoners like the plague, but other than that it's okay for the occasional casual run.

Nowhere near a desktop, but you can get by.
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User Info: LordxDemise

7 years ago#6
I play on my netbook sometimes...really wouldnt suggest it unless you wanted to just run through story mode when you are bored
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