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User Info: Wu_Zonghai

6 years ago#1
The item, Grief says adds 300-400 damage.

Does that still transfer to smite damage? I have used a few items that add like 18-25 damage and it doesn't change the smite damage at all. Why do I see so many things on the internet about builds with pally's using Grief for its damage?
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User Info: red255

6 years ago#2
Because grief is different, the +400 damage doesn't impact the character screen like the other damage on weapons does.
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User Info: Gopu

6 years ago#3
It does transfer to Smite, that's why it's so good. It's also a good weapon for Zealing with. When I switched to Grief from Lawbringer, I was worried losing some of the bonuses from Lawbringer would impact my killing ability but instead I ended up one shotting everything. Even now in hell I rape everything but the physical immunes. And even those go down eventually.

User Info: luigi13579

6 years ago#4
Grief's damage adds directly to the shield damage for Smite (or the weapon damage for other skills).

So, if you have a shield (or weapon) with 25-50 damage and your Grief adds 400 damage, it will have a total of 425-450 damage. That's then used in the damage calculations as normal.

The damage doesn't show up on the character screen like red said though, so it'll appear much lower than it actually is.

User Info: TravelingJack

6 years ago#5
Oh em gee it's Wu!
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User Info: Wu_Zonghai

6 years ago#6
Did blizzard intentionally do this? What makes grief different than other items that add certain amounts of damage?

and hi travelling jack! do you know me from the p/c board?
At night, the trolls crawl out from their bridges to dance under the pale moon.

User Info: the_dracolich

6 years ago#7
Items that give x-y damage actually give x minimum dmg and y maximum damage. Grief and a few unique items (Stone Crusher, The Redeemer and Astreon's Iron Ward) have a mod Damage +x, that gives a set amount of damage. For example when Grief is made and its mods are rolled a number between 340 and 400 is randomly chosen. Grief doesn't add 340-400 dmg, it adds a number within this limit.

Smite doesn't benefit from bonuses to min and max damage, but receives the benefit of the Damage+ mod.
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