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User Info: RiteOfSpring

6 years ago#1
I was at The Throne of Destruction on Normal last night and Lister was healing WAY fast, I could barely ding him despite being a level 48 DS Barb with (I think) fairly good equipment overall. So I used my swap weapons briefly, threw a javelin at him that has Prevent Monster Heal on it, hit him, so I swapped back to my mains which have much better stats including damages. Worked great, after a brief stint with Prevent Monster Heal he never was able to heal back up even though it still took roughly a minute to finish him off.

My question is on length and the way in which PMH actually works. I searched through the archives here and posts aren't agreeing with each other, I found 3 different lengths posted (this is all for offline single player, by the way): 8 seconds, 30 seconds and 80 MINUTES (although I believe they MAY have been talking about online play for the 80 minute post), so which is the ACTUAL length that PVM is active for after a hit in offline single player mode with PlugY enabled?

As to how: if I hit with a PVM enabled weapon and then SWITCH to other more powerful weapons, does it interrupt PVM once I hit with some other weapon or will the effect still be in place for a specific amount of time? Can I accidentally do anything myself in offline single play to cancel out the PVM effect, or will it simply run it's full length before stopping the effect?

Thanks all!

User Info: TravelingJack

6 years ago#2
I believe it's the last one - I know it's almost infinite, relatively speaking. The effect will still hold, even when you switch weapons. Also, PMH doesn't work for mercenaries.

User Info: RiteOfSpring

6 years ago#3
That. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you :-)

No prob on the mercs, I never use them. I don't know, I just love knowing that *I*, personally, crushed my enemies. As for PVM, that opens up a whole new world of goodness for me. Last time I played, I would just use PVM weapons in these situations but never switch back to my mains. By Acts 4 and 5 in Nightmare and early Hell it was taking forever to kill things with my weaker PVM weapons but at least they wuldn't heal. Now that I know the length is so good, I can just use PVM, switch to more powerful weapons and do the job much faster.

I'm saying it again, this particular playthrough has been SO MUCH better with the various bits of advice you guys and gals have been giving me. Just awesome. I'm having HUGE fun this time around.

By tonight I will reach my goal of Level 50 Normal, take Baal out and move on to the Cow level for Normal, then it's on to Nightmare by tomorrow :-)

User Info: skeetrodamus12

6 years ago#4
The real question is how did u get to 50 on normal o.O

User Info: Lashenya

6 years ago#5
Yes...why are you still in Normal? You should be able to handle Nightmare quite handily at this point.

Unless you're playing Hardcore, then you play at your pace.
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User Info: ximaus

6 years ago#6
For more information:
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User Info: RiteOfSpring

6 years ago#7
Right on, thanks ximaus!

And as for how I got to 50 on Normal...lots and lots of grinding, largely in Worldstone Keep and earlier in a few spots (Mephisto, Diablo, Countess, Trivancal, etc.). Took about a month at roughly 2-3 hours playtime a day, most of it using the /players 8 command. I wanted to be STRONG and hit Nightmare at 50, and now that I AM on Nightmare it seems likw a far anyway.

I know I could have handled Nighmare way before level 50, but honestly I love playing this game and had a good time getting to 50. If I got TOO bored I would have moved on earlier, bur I set my goal at 50, was still having fun along the way and so stayed my course :-)

User Info: RiteOfSpring

6 years ago#8
RiteOfSpring posted...
Took about a month at roughly 2-3 hours playtime a day, most of it using the /players 8 command.

I need to correct this...I don't actually play every night, sometimes I stream Netflix or play other games or read or whatever. It's more accurate to say that it took about a month of 4 to 5 nights playing a week minus about a week that I took my family on vacation.

User Info: red255

6 years ago#9
it was a rhetorical question.

you don't need to correct your answer.

regardless, prevent monster heal lasts for like 2-3 minutes I think.

poison damage works the same way. a monster won't heal if its poisoned. so a poison damage charm for 6 seconds is normally enough.
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