Wizardry 8 Fast Animation Mod.

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User Info: SoberJoe

4 years ago#1
I started this... a very, very long time ago, after playing Wizardry 7, and noticing that it's combat was a lot faster than W8's, primarily because the very limited animation. Went on hiatus because of nobody really paying W8 at the time.

Went off of hiatus because gog.com decided to be awesome.

What this does:

Attempt to speed up Wizardry 8's battles by reducing animation time. I basically removed about half the frames from every animation (Some important NPCs were left alone), and double missile velocity. I don't know if this necessarily speeds up combat THAT much, but it does feel more responsive to me. Tell me what you think?

This is intended to be used with WizFast.exe.

Made in Cosmic Forge.


I'm not super familiar with how W8 modding works, so this might need some adjustment.

First, back up the MONSTERS, Databases, and MISSILES folders from your Wizardry 8/Data directory if present.
Copy the Data folder into your main Wizardry 8 directory. Override everything.

That SHOULD do it. I hope? I am going to assume that you guys know more about this than I do :(

Side effects:

Most of the NPC-generated battle sounds are disabled by this. I may or may not fix this, or do something with this. The model scripts aren't really accounting for the reduced frames, in terms of when sounds should play, so sometimes they just don't.

The animation is going to be considerably less smooth.

Some of the spell and missile launch timings will be off. I probably can't do much about this.

Potential bugs:

If this causes any crashes, try to tell me what you were fighting when it crashed. I might need to update some of the model scripts to account for the shorter animation lengths.

To Do:

I might reduce the dodge animations further. Or just eliminate them entirely.
Might increase missile velocity more, too. Not really sure how fast the numbers in Cosmic Forge actually are.

Version .5 available here:


User Info: Rayluz

4 years ago#2

The animations are exactly what make fights so long, specially when you are fighting hordes...your mod works like a charm. Thanks again, bro!

User Info: SoberJoe

4 years ago#3
Okay, good to know this is working.

One other thing I've been wondering about is whether the idle animations are affecting the pause time between switching between active enemies in combat -- like if the current idle animation cycle has to end before the next active monster activates.

The random pauses might just be AI calculations too, as I said earlier, in which case I can't do anything about it.

User Info: SoberJoe

4 years ago#4
I'm getting a crash related to a missing frame when trying to load a save I have in Trynton. Issue isn't occurring with another save in the same location. Not sure why.

I think one of the vines might have a bad model script, OR I save while some NPC trynnies were fighting monsters, and the game is trying to use unmodded model scripts, causing problems.

Heads up on this.

User Info: Rayluz

4 years ago#5
Yeah I did get a crash once or twice after two hours or so with the mod, but I always save, so it's no problem at all to me, the benefits out-weight the rare crash by far.

For the record, my error window says:

C:\Projects\Wizardry 8\Engine Code\AniMesh.cpp line 742 failed:

Expression [0] evaluates to false.

AniMeshGetMeshForFrame error, frame 21, num 15

Whatever that is supposed to mean, lol. Thanks for the mod, again, brosephius.

User Info: Rayluz

4 years ago#6
Oh yeah, I started a new party, and the game has been crashing in that room in the Lower Monastery with the switch to open the gates to the Upper section, right when the spiders are supposed to drop from the ceiling. It gives the same error window from before.
Hope that helps.

User Info: SoberJoe

4 years ago#7
Updated this. Download link is the same.

New version leaves all the frames in but modifies the framerate of the animations directly. Current changes:

- All attack/hit animations are generally twice as fast as in vanilla.
- Dodge animations should be about three times as fast as in vanilla.
- Projectiles move four times as fast as in vanilla.
- Some of the spells are faster. Still working on this.

This should look better and address the crashes.

To install it, delete all of the .mon and .mls files from the data\MONSTERS, data\MISSILES, and data\SPELLS folders that were installed by the previous version. Then, copy over the files from the new version, overwriting anything that's already there.


User Info: SoberJoe

4 years ago#8
Oh, for the record, that was the same error I was getting when trying to enter Trynton. I think some OTHER game script is looking for a frame that's not there, causing the crash.

In any case, since NO frames have been deleted, this issue shouldn't occur anymore.

User Info: Rayluz

4 years ago#9
3 hours playing and no errors anymore. Thanks again.
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