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    Why is my Pokémon a different color?
    Why does my Pokémon "sparkle"?
    What are shiny Pokémon?

    Shiny Pokémon are Pokémon of an unusual color, which sparkle when sent into battle. They also have three dots by their name on their Status screen. They aren’t better than regular ones, though their stats are above average. Note, however, that a Shiny can never have the best possible stats for its species. The odds of finding a shiny pokemon in the wild are 1:8192. You have a better chance of getting a shiny through breeding with a shiny Ditto (which, if you have a RBY game to trade with, is easy to get). The DV's required to get one are:
    Attack: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, or 15
    Def/Speed/Special: 10
    HP (calculated from the others): 0/8

    What is the easiest way to get shiny Pokémon?
    How do I get a shiny Ditto?

    There's no easy way to catch a shiny Pokémon in this game, other than the Red Gyarados you find at the Lake of Rage. If you're playing Crystal, the Odd Egg that you recieve from the Day-Care Man also has a 1-in-8 chance of containing a shiny Pokémon. Apart from getting very lucky (read the above section on what shinies are), the easiest way to get one is to...get lucky. If you breed a shiny Ditto with any compatible Pokémon (check them at the Day-Care Center when you drop them off to make sure the two of them are not "brimming with energy" or "not interested" in each other), there is a 1-in-64 chance that
    any Egg they produce will contain a shiny baby. If you have a Red, Blue, or Yellow version you can trade with, there is an easy trick to get you a shiny Ditto for this:

    -=The Shiny Ditto Trick=-
    To get a shiny Ditto do the following:
    1. Trade your shiny Gyarados (from the Lake of Rage) to a Red/Blue/Yellow version
    2. Teach the Mimic TM to your Gyarados
    3. Trade it back to G/S/C
    4. Delete every move on your Gyarados (except Mimic, this ensures your chances of the Ditto not using another attack)
    5. Trade your Gyarados back to R/B/Y
    6. Battle a wild Ditto and use Mimic on Ditto's Transform
    7. Ditto will use Transform - now he's a Gyarados
    8. Use Transform on him, while he Transforms into you again
    9. Capture the Ditto
    10. Trade Ditto back to Gold, Silver, or Crystal - the Ditto will now be shiny!
    *NOTE - Any Shiny that can learn Mimic in RBY can be used - Gyarados is just the one that everybody encounters.

    Breeding this Ditto with a compatible Pokémon gives you a 1-in-64 chance of getting an Egg with a shiny baby inside. And remember: two shiny Pokémon will NEVER breed with each other!