Trading with GBA Link Cable (s) Possible

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User Info: ibm2431

6 years ago#1
I'm not asking a question. I'm stating a fact.

It is possible to trade between Generation II games on GBAs without a GBC link cable. GBA link cables can be used.

The caveat is that you need to use /two/ of them in a fashion that, as I personally call it, "closes the circuit".

This seems random. I apologize. But, I've seen so many people state incorrect information (that you must use a GBC cable; that GBA cables won't work) - including in the Answers section for this game - that I feel compelled to post this. It seems that this fact is entirely unknown; as if I had done something that no one else has. I feel the need to share this information with the world before something happened to me which would cause the knowledge to blink out of existence.

User Info: Element-17

6 years ago#2
The caveat is that you need to use /two/ of them in a fashion that, as I personally call it, "closes the circuit".

Could you elaborate on that, please? The way I understand it is that GBC and GBA cables transfer data differently, which is why trading between Generation II and II is impossible (plus, the games themselves work differently).

Am I mistaken, or are there some hidden specifications?
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User Info: ibm2431

6 years ago#3
I'm not entirely sure how GBC/GBA link cables work myself. I'd guess that it's some sort of pin-alignment issue that forming a closed loop with two GBA cables takes care of.

Here's a hastily drawn MS Paint graphic regarding how the link should be set up:

I call it "closing the circuit" because I know the middle extension parts of GBA cables can be used to add more cables to the chain. I figured I'd try 'closing' the middle port of each, making sure there was nothing hanging open that might cause the games to get confused. Oddly enough, it actually worked.

I have since managed to find one other person who's done this themselves and posted about it:

I wish I could go into a discussion about how link cable works and why its possible to do this. But unfortunately, I must admit ignorance and just stick to noting that it can be done.

I've found another post by them in which they say:
"Game Boy color/original games recognize the 2nd player slog (the large end of the GBA cable) as a GBC cable."

User Info: hylianarmy

6 years ago#4
Why buy two more expensive cables when you get the same results with one cheaper one?

Your point is moot.
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User Info: ibm2431

6 years ago#5
Did you check online prices of GBC/GBA link cables and see that they're in the same price range? Did you consider that if a person has to buy something, they tend to lean towards the item that could also meet future needs (GBA linking) rather than just their intended purpose (two GBC games)?

Did you consider that a person may already have a GBA link cable? Perhaps the person they're trading with has one too?

Your comment is not only pointless, but not very well thought out.

The reason I state this is because I've seen many people asking on message forums, question/answer sites, and even YouTube comments if they can use GBA link cables to trade between Gen II games. As in, they presumably already have a GBA cable. They are told, incorrectly, that they /must/ go out and buy a GBC cable. I am noting the existence of an alternative should they happen to have access to a second one, which wouldn't be unlikely - especially if they're trying to trade with someone else.

User Info: Mormaso

6 years ago#6
I would like to thank you for figuring this out! I'm always wary using my old GBC link cable after a couple bad trades. You keep mentioning Gen II though, does this also work on gen I? I'll probably try it out anyway but I'm curious if there is anything I should be worried about.

User Info: Second_Chances

6 years ago#7
I have one which works with both GBA and GBC at the flick of a switch.

So neat, but unnecessary for me.
Second Chances sure are great.
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User Info: Gunbladelad

6 years ago#8
This is a topic I've answered quite a few times on the Red, Blue and Yellow boards, and I have a text file drafted up with all the information you'll need.

Without further ado... *cuts & pastes*

Linking Classic GB / GBC games via GBA

As Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Gold/Silver/Crystal were designed for the Game Boy & Game Boy Color, they were not designed for the GBA Hardware. As such, they cannot detect GBA Hardware, including the link-cables. You will require the Game Boy Color generation cable when trading over using any compatable GBA format.

The reason the GBA plays Game Boy/GBC games, is because there's a physical switch inside the cart slot that tells the GBA to switch to GBC mode, when a GB/GBC cartridge is inserted.

GBA systems compatable with GB / GBC games are;

GBA classic
Game Boy Player

Both the GB Micro and Nintendo DS/DS Lite lack the hardware (and the switch) to run GB/GBC games via legitimate means.

Here's what the cable itself looks like
Whole cable (official)

Cable connectors (Official)

Finally, here is a few links on the information about them.

Official Nintendo Site

Buy cable at

Buy cable at

All of these links are correct at the time of this post.

OK, the Photobucket images may be down as I post this as the site's getting worked on at the moment, but they'll be back up soon...
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