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User Info: ChronoTwist

8 years ago#1
Me and my friends used to be really into this game. We'd all get together and play multiplayer. But unfortunately, after awhile, I got the reputation of being a glitch queen. I just caused all these stupid things to happen in the game.

I seem to always push people out of the "invisible walls" sometimes. When we're all running along, and jammed against a cliff ledge or something, someone gets permenantly stuck or something. Once, I pushed someone down one of the holes in one of the Sky Realm levels. Then he fell all the way down into another platform that you have to teleport to. So we we had to reset.

There was this other time, during the elevator puzzle, when we just figured it out. Someone stepped inside to pick up the rune when I accidentally ran over a switch. As a result, everyone was fooling around with the controls until we got the puzzle solved again. But she disappeared! Then we zoomed out of the screen a bit, and we found out she fell deep underneath the ground. We could see her shots fly out. But because she was stuck and she couldn't die, we had to reset.

Similar things happen when we're all going in different directions, and we're stuck behind obstructions. Then we're too far from each other to get unstuck.

Despite all the resets, it was hilarious. Good times.
Smile. :D

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