How do you FLY?

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User Info: hcopter51

8 years ago#1
Have M&M6 but lost instructions...How do you fly from keyboard?? Thanks...

User Info: MaKd

8 years ago#2
page up
page down

home is drop down?
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User Info: AngusYoung93

8 years ago#3
No, it's page up and insert.

Page up- increase altitude
insert- decrease altitude
home- immediate cease flying and fall using gravity. It's best to just use insert since insert is faster and you don't get hurt.
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User Info: hcopter51

8 years ago#4
Thanks to all..Got it now ,works fine....

User Info: Jasonbiy

8 years ago#5
Just got the fly spell, when i cast, it works, but i cant fly, you all say its page up and i beleive you but the damn thing isnt working, any ideas?

User Info: aetherspoon

8 years ago#6
You need MP to fly - so using a Fly scroll on a Knight won't work.
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User Info: Jasonbiy

8 years ago#7
I have the 25 MP and my expert air archer has cast it, i tryed a keyboard with it, im on my laptop, i plugged in the keyboard, didnt work either :( all my other spells work fine

User Info: PointFlash

8 years ago#8
Fly saps like 1 mp per 5 minutes I think, maybe that's your problem?
And sometimes I would play the game, but for no reason Flying won't work... Maybe it's a glitch or something =/
It always works again later though =D

User Info: Jasonbiy

8 years ago#9
well it definatley isnt the 1 MP per minute thing, he has mp left afterwards, it just wont work, i pressed every button on my keyboard, i think its probrably a glitch, il keep playing, maybe mine wil do the same as yours and work later :D

User Info: MaKd

8 years ago#10
O sorry ma bad.

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