Any way to play on a Mac?

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User Info: TooFaced21

4 years ago#1
This whole game series was one of the best ones ever IMO and I credit it for getting me into RPGs and video games in general. That being said, I do not have any clue how I can play it again, at least on a Mac. Is there any possible way? I have an OS X if it makes any difference.

For one, I don't know of any way to download the game itself (for free or for money, I don't care. I will gladly buy the entire M&M series, I just want to play it), and I also haven't seen any Mac compatible versions. If anyone still reads here or can offer any sort of advice, even if it's telling me I can't do it, it would be greatly appreciated!
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User Info: WeirdoJoker

4 years ago#2
See if you can download it from to play on a Mac. The whole series I-IX is available, and I have them. Haven't played I-V or IX yet, though. IX gives me operational trouble because I can't use the mouse the same way.
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User Info: aetherspoon

4 years ago#3
Not natively, no.
It should work decently well through Crossover though, and it certainly plays through running Parallels or Boot Camp, but then you're really running Windows.
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User Info: Rune Caster

Rune Caster
4 years ago#4
You could install a windows OS on your mac, that might let you play it...
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User Info: TooFaced21

4 years ago#5
Thanks for the quick responses; wasn't expecting them! :)

And that was my worst fear, that I'd be running windows on Mac to play any of these games. Considering there are a good amount of older PC games I'd love to replay, I think I might just get a cheap laptop. I just wanted to see if maybe I could avoid having to run a lot of third party programs as it isn't technically my computer (I like apple, and I like iOS, but I would never purchase a Mac). Thanks again guys, much appreciated.
360: TooFaced21

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