How do I find specific kinds of ore?

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User Info: X_machina

6 years ago#1
Right now Im wondering around without any kind of direction searching for mexallon ore. I changed my overview settings to show mexallon ore, but I'm still having trouble. Is there a easier way to finda specific kind of ore? I know theres problem a website that tells you where ore is located. But it would be nice if I could find it in game without alt+tabbing every couple of seconds.

User Info: Westmarch

6 years ago#2

... and you'll never find it that way. Mexallon is a mineral found in various ratios inside ores like Pyroxene, Plagioclase, Kernite, Jaspet, and Gneiss. I haven't mined since I did my training missions, but apparently Plagioclase yields the best cargo/mineral rate for mexallon. Plag is found in Gallente, Minmatar 0.9 and Caldari 0.7 space, according to this site (which literally was the first of many hits when I Googled mexallon and eve):

To get minerals from ores, you'll need to refine your ore at a station. See:

User Info: X_machina

6 years ago#3
Well I'm a gigantic noob so I was really asking what I was doing wrong. I tried to say that I know that there is probably a website that tells you where to find ore, but dont want to alt+tab every 3 seconds. (I wish i could edit messages on gamespot) Hopefully that clears up my original message.

So in game how are you supposed to find any specific kind of ore at all? There has to be a more efficent way then wandering around. I'm probably overlooking something very obvious, but I have no idea what.

User Info: Westmarch

6 years ago#4

Ah, sorry I answered too specifically.

Swiping blatantly from other websites:

Where Can I Find The Ore

Ores are distributed across the Eve universe by region and security rating. In fact, on the server, 0.0 space is actually 0.0 to -1.0. This information is 'hidden', so as to make it harder to find the rare ores which only spawn in the very low security systems, there are exceptions to this though. Asteroids contain the Ore, and asteroids can be found in Asteroid belts in most systems, if you visit an asteroid belt and there are no rocks there then the belt may well have been mined away. EVE re spawns asteroid belts in bulk so the following day it may well be replenished.

Veldspar and Scordite are overly abundant in virtually every region, even though these ores may be mined out in specific systems. Plagioclase and Omber exist in Gallente, Caldari and Minmatar space, while Amarr space is mostly devoid of these ores. Amarr space holds Kernite and Pyroxeres. Jaspet, Hemorphite and Hedbergite are very rare in systems above 0.4. The other ores are only common in 0.0 and 'below', meaning deeper out in 0.0 space.


In EVE, ore is the source of minerals, which are very valuable. Veldspar and Scordite can be found anywhere (just make sure that your Overview settings include all asteroid types!) But where do you have to go to find the other asteroid types? This chart will tell you.

Find out what minerals are in each asteroid type and read the EVE Online mining guide.

Where to find specific types of asteroids

Some types of asteroids can only be found in systems with a specific range of security ratings. Some asteroid types can only be found in systems of a specific faction. See below for the details of which systems have which types of asteroids.

Asteroid Type Where to Find It Veldspar 1.0 Systems Scordite 1.0 Systems Pyroxeres 0.9 and lower Amarr and Caldari Systems Plagioclase 0.9 and lower Gallente and Minmatar Systems
0.7 and lower Caldari Systems Omber 0.7 and lower Gallente and Minmatar Systems Kernite 0.7 and lower Amarr Systems
0.4 and lower Caldari and Minmatar Systems Jaspet 0.4 and lower Gallente and Amarr Systems Hemorphite 0.2 and lower Gallente and Amarr Systems Hedbergite 0.2 and lower Caldari and Minmatar Systems Gneiss 0.0 Systems Dark Ochre 0.0 Systems Spodumain 0.0 Systems Crokite 0.0 Systems Bistot 0.0 Systems Arkonor 0.0 Systems Mercoxit 0.0 Systems

There are also hidden belts that you can try to scan (probe) down. See:

So, you will need to search out the kinds of asteroids that you want to mine. That means travelling around and visiting the asteroid belts in various systems - some belts will be empty (mined out) temporarily. There are plenty of other players busily mining, so you may have to look around for a while. Also, think about location - what are you going to do with your ore? Refine it, sell it - but where? You need access to a market. Closer (along a safe route) is better, but you'll find more miners doing just what you want to do. Farther away, less competition.

If you like mining, you would do well to join a corp that specializes in mining - they'll have already figured out a lot of this stuff and be able to help you.

User Info: Logical_Hamster

6 years ago#5
"I tried to say that I know that there is probably a website that tells you where to find ore, but dont want to alt+tab every 3 seconds."

This is just a total aside, since Westmarch appears to have covered it pretty well, but there's an in-game browser for just this kind of thing, should the need arise. Its located towards the bottom of the list in your toolbar (where your wallet and such are) and works just like any regular browser. Saves you alt-tabbing since you can have the relevent website open in the browser and minimize it to the bottom of your screen in-game when not in use. Its also very handy for killing time while munching asteroids or, heaven forbid, on autopilot, hehe.

Logical Hamster is illogical

User Info: Marikhen

6 years ago#6
This game is also multi-monitor friendly, from having a full-screen-while-windowed option to being able to easily run multiple clients on multiple monitors. It will even let you span a single client across multiple monitors and then lock it in place so it looks like you're running it "full screen" across them. If you're running the game in full screen mode on a multi-monitor system there's no significant reason to.

That said, if you're on a single monitor setup the in-game browser is a good alternative these days. I can even check my e-mail while playing, if I don't mind Hotmail having a hissy fit, though working mostly correctly, over the browser being non-mainstream. :-D

User Info: ShAdE_sLaYeR_16

6 years ago#7

to answer your question, find out what ore you need, then set your overveiw to ONLY show that ore

then just warp from belt to belt
Imericus 80 Human Holy Pally, Fenris
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