Gun Choice for Myrmidon

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User Info: ipwnalln00b

9 years ago#1
As of late I have seen quite a few load-outs (in game and out) of myrmidons fitted with small tech 2 neutrons. I was also studying some screenshots from a certain very famous khanid pirate :D (big fan btw) on, and it seems that her myrmidon was indeed using small and not medium blasters. A lot of these people were hardcore veterans and very experience pvp'ers so I'm sure they knew what they were doing.

At first it just seemed natural to use mediums since after all it's a battecruiser, but has anyone who has tested this felt that the benefit of using tech 2 small blasters outweighs the punch of mediums? I haven't run the numbers yet because I'm at my work computer, but I'm guessing a light neutron is comprable to a medium electron in damage?

My original plan was just to use 250mm autocannons instead, for the cap-less damage and the greater flexibility of damage types. I figured that this ship does not have any gun bonuses to begin with so projectile weapons seem to offer a good balance of flexibility and damage.

User Info: gargy12

9 years ago#2
It depends on your plans for the ship.
Without the complete fitting its harder to say what his plan was. But i'm guessing he either wanted to use his guns on frigates, and then the light blasters would be better. Or he has fitting problems and just left the remaining space for whatever guns he could fit. The gallente droneboats are flexible and can have a wide variety of fittings.

User Info: wheezal

9 years ago#3

The myrmidion indeed does not get bonuses to its high slot weapon systems, so stick with projectile weapons, nos, and remote reppers to support your drones.

save your cap for your tank.

User Info: RedneckPirate

9 years ago#4
Yeah, throw in some 650mm or 720mm arties and a few drone range augmentors. You'll be able to snipe and shred at the same time.
Extreme Demon: "Teamwork is not getting revived every time you die."

User Info: ipwnalln00b

9 years ago#5
ok. So I ran the numbers through EFT. At first, I was a little bit surprised at the results, so I tried calculating the numbers manually. I compared a 220mm Vulcan AC (tech 2) that seems to be popular on both the cane and the projectile toting myrmidons, against the light neutron blaster (tech 2 as well).

The 220mm vulcan ac (with EMP M):

Mod: 2.772
ROF: 4.72 sec
dmg vs shield 15.6
dmg vs armor 14.2

Raw damage against shield: 15.6 * 2.772 * 5 guns = 216 dmg
Estimated DPS against shield: 216 dmg / 4.72 sec = 45.8 dps vs shield

Raw damage against armor: 14.2 * 2.772 * 5 guns =196.5 dmg
Estimated DPS against armor: 196.5dmg/4.72 sec = 41.6 dps vs armor

Now The light neutron blaster (with antimatter S):

Mod: 4.2
ROF: 3.50 sec
dmg vs shield 8.2
dmg vs armor 8.5

Raw damage against shield: 8.2 * 4.2 * 5 guns = 172 dmg
Estimated DPS against shield: 172/3.50sec = 49.1 dps vs shield

Raw damage against armor: 8.5 * 4.2 * 5 guns = 178.5 dmg
Estimated DPS against armor: 178.5dmg/3.50 sec = 51 dps vs armor

So... maybe I'm missing something, but both assuming equal skill level proficiency with the 2 types of weapons above, it seems as though a light neutron blaster does slightly better damage against a medium vulcan.

If I rerun these numbers with a heavy electron & heavy neutron, it obviously beats out the lighter blaster, though the light neutron would have a significantly better tracking ability. The lights however will suck out a very small portion of the cap compared to its medium blasters. So it seems that people fitting light neutrons on a myrmi are not really gimped by any stretch, and looks more like a calculated decision.

User Info: Zantetsu2033

9 years ago#6
Never thought I'd be posting Eve related stuff in gamefaqs, oh well. Anyways...

The myrmidon is a versatile BC, not many people have realised yet that, when passively shield tanked, it can out perform two armor reppers constantly running. It's a very tough ship, survivability is on par with a Drake if fitted properly. The other nice thing about being passively tanked is that all the nossing in the world won't bring you down.

The problem with fitting a tough tank is that, usually, you're making a trade off with firepower. The disadvantage to shield tanking is that you sacrifice space for a webber and scrambler whilst, with armor tanking, you sacrifice a lot of capacitor. Capacitor management can be a problem when you're firing blasters, running a tank and being nos'ed.

The other problem with using blasters is that you need to be relatively close to your target, so you'll need a micro warp drive. This is already making shield tanking unviable, in this case you'd need an armor tank.

If you wanted to do long range damage, use sentry drones and rail guns. You'd be doing enormous damage from around 60km away. BCs aren't used for tackling anyway so this isn't such a problem.

A lot of people, in the past, would just use 5 Ogre II's (no longer possible due to drone bandwidth constraints) and fill their highs with two medium nosferatu and the rest small. This doesn't work so well anymore. Without your drones in this example you'd be dead in the water anyway.

It really is situation dependant. For fleet battles you want range, to that end it's all about sentry drones and rail guns (the sentry drones still won't do much at the range most fleet battles take place).

For ganking/pirating, blasters + mwd + 2 heavy drones + 2 heavy medium drones + 1 hobgoblin [tech II or nothing]. It'll destroy anything that gets close to you.
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