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User Info: F00tballguy2002

8 years ago#1

1. How do I raise my racial faction standings towards the entire Caldari Race (like Caldari State)? Not just towards a corporation within the Caldari State, like Caldari Navy.

2. Also, since my character is Minmatar, I don't have any Caldari agents (there are none in "People & Places" -> agents). Can I just go to any random level 1 Caldari agent and start doing missions for him


User Info: Bauxite

8 years ago#2
1) Complete 16 missions for Caldari corporations then a Storyline agent will give you a mission, completing this storyline mission will raise your faction standings with Caldari State in addition to whatever corporation the agent is.

2) Yes, as long as you meet the minimum requirements to use a agent you're free to run missions for them. Though why the hell you'd want to run Caldari missions is beyond me.

Also this handy site is great for finding agents

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User Info: havok718

8 years ago#3
Caldari generally have the best lvl 4 agents/hubs. So serious mission runners tend to go with Caldari, no matter what race they are.

User Info: Barrowhite

8 years ago#4
Not neceaaarily.

The reason most people mission caldari is because Ravens are the best PvE ship, and Caldari missions are easiest in Caldari ships. So most people looking to mission went Caldari and didn't bother branching out because of their initial standings.

Therefore, the biggest demand for faction items (Most faction items go on PVE ships.) is from the Caldari Navy LP store which grants the most isk/lp ratio, therefore more people run caldari.

It is a never ending cycle.
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User Info: F00tballguy2002

8 years ago#5
Thanks for the answers guys

Does anybody know of any service that help you raise racial faction standings? Also if I were to do missions myself, how long do you think it would take to get from 0.0 standing to 7.0 standing towards a racial faction (like Gallente Federation, Caldari State, etc.)?

User Info: theycallhimjim

8 years ago#6
AFAIK, Storyline missons are the only real way of raising faction standings, and it's very slow. Plus, due to the interrelation between empires, raising one's standing will raise one other and reduce the other two - e.g. raising Caldari will raise Ammar, and reduce Minmatar and Gallente. Get an empire's standings too low and you won't be able to do any missions for them at all, even lower and their navy will start attacking you whenever you travel through their space.

If you haven't already, train up Social, Diplomacy, Connections and Negotiation, preferably to 4 each.

Anyway, it'd take forever to raise an empire faction's standing to 7, and it's not really worth it unless you never want to go to half of empire space without being attacked. If you're interested in jump clones, it's corp standings you need, which are much easier to raise.

Also, don't be suckered into doing Caldari Navy missions just to get a CNR. Apart from the fact that several Caldari corps have identical LP stores (bizarrely, it's not just the Navy that sells the Navy Raven), it's just as easy to grind any corp, use the LP to buy implants/skillbooks/etc, sell those and just buy the CNR via contract.
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