Abaddon vs. Hyperion, who would win?

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User Info: terribaddd

7 years ago#1

If a well fitted Abaddon was to duel a well fitted Hyperion, which one would win?

I understand the Abaddon has much more EHP than the Hyp, but the Hyp has an extra mid slot you can use to fit ECM Burst, etc. It also does more DPS than the Abaddon

User Info: Barrowhite

7 years ago#2
Comes very much down to fitting.

The Hyperion as a ship is broken. You can get a good tank out of 6 low-slots, just, but if you do then your DPS suffers heavily as a result and ends up being pitiful. If you try to go for a passive gank fit then you can get a lot of gank but awful EHP or good EHP with awful gank, we are talking battle cruiser damage on battleship tracking. Noone flies a Hyperion twice. They need to totally remake the ship as it tries to do several things at once but fails miserably and a Megathron is just better for 40% less isk. It is only good in very few situations. Fortunately one of which is 1v1's with battleships. But it is also extremely predictable.

You can get a good shield tank on it mind you, makes it very nice for PvE with 4 magstabs.

In a 1v1, The Hyperions active tank is the only situation in which it would serve it well at all. The Hyperion will be able to overtank the Abaddon's damage with ease, so the Abaddon pilot should fit for total EHP with 1 heavy neut and ECM drones and with a bit of luck would be able to bleed through all the Hyperions cap bosters at which time the armor hardeners turn off at then it is just 9k armour of Tech 1 resists which the Abaddon will burn through in about a minute, where as the Hyperion will take about 7 minutes to destroy the Abaddon with no Jam cycles involved.

There is a few other tricks an Abaddon could do. It could fit with a RF warp scrambler, CN webifier and a 100mn afterburner and stay out of the Hyps range for the entire engagement, or at least force it to use Null ammo shooting deeply in to it's falloff putting his DPS down to probably under 300. It could fit 2 sensor dampeners with a single large repper so that every time the ECM drones broke his lock it would take about a minute to get another lock in which time he would rep about about 3-4k armour.

Also ECM bursts are a bit crap.
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