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User Info: Johnsinger1221

7 years ago#1

I was contemplating getting into this game and had questions about alt characters/dual boxing.

Can you play two accounts from ONE computer (I have two screens to set up to my computer but I don't know if this game lets you have two programs operating from the same computer).

Is there a way of having an alt on the same paid account? Like can you start one character and make them a miner and train those skills, then log off and log on to another character on the same paid account who is a pvp character?

Is there an easy way of following around for using two accounts at once, like an autopilot auto follow?

If I wanted to end up with one character being a fleet commander and piloting a Titan ( I know this would take over a year in pilot skill training and far longer saving up for the ship/building ship but long term end game goal is still there) what would be a good skill path (after the learning basics) for the secondary/support character to help a pve/pvp fleet commander?

One last question, does anyone who plays this used to play Escape Velocity for the Mac? Is this game an updated MMO of that old classic? A lot of the terms and ideas seem the same, just with better graphics and the pay per month feature.

By the way, I am looking for a 21 day trial and 100-150 million isk offer so that when I start I can buy all the skill books i need and hopefully a decent mid range ship.

my email is

please email if you have a 21 day trial.

User Info: milegrin

7 years ago#2

I have sent you an invite and will send more info via email soon

I play 2 accounts on my laptop with a dual screen setup. It is slow but that is my laptop more than anything else. With a semi-decent machine is definately doable.

User Info: milegrin

7 years ago#3

As for multiple alts per accounts, you can have upto 3 characters per account but only one at a time can train and you can only log into one at a time (if you try logging into an account a second time ti disconnects the first session)

An option to over come this is to train a dedicate miner (etc) on a second and account and then transfer the character to your main account once he has reached the required level and close (stop paying for) the second account. I am currently doing that with a research alt who is going to be used purely to research/copy BPO's to support my invention character who is turn will fund my PVP character. All this accross 2 accounts (once the 3rd is closed).

The way I have it setup :

account 1 : PVP character & Research character (at least he will go here) + burn alt

account 2 : Invention/mining Charater & PVP support character + another burn alt

User Info: Barrowhite

7 years ago#4
Take the Titan off your goal list. A Mothership would be a slightly more realistic 3 year plan.

Noone in an Alliance is going to let you fly a Titan if you can "just" fly one with a year training, not to mention trust you with one. You should not expect to ever be able to afford one by yourself either, less than a very small handful of players actually can out of their own personal wallets.
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User Info: terribaddd

7 years ago#5
what the heck is a burn alt

User Info: Marikhen

7 years ago#6
Can you play two accounts from ONE computer (I have two screens to set up to my computer but I don't know if this game lets you have two programs operating from the same computer). - Johnsinger1221

You can run as many paid for accounts as your PC can support. I currently run three at a time and my PC could probably handle for or five since it handles those 3 plus a WoW client quite handily.

You can only run one trial client, however, and when it's running you can't run any other clients, even clients logging into "retail" accounts. You may be able to get around this by running OS emulators but I've no knowledge of that.

If you want to have multiple clients displayed on multiple monitors you'll need to use a program like EVE Launcher or EVE Mon. If you try to run in windowed mode the game will give you a bordered box style window with part of the game below the bottom edge of your screen and there's no way to fix it via the game client. As such you'll need to use EVE Mon or EVE Launcher to not only make windowed mode look full screen but also to position your clients on monitors other than your primary monitor.

The EVE client does have multi-monitor support built in but it's somewhat sketchy in my experience and really only appears to work as an optimization method. IOW, if you have a client set to display to monitor 1 but you have EVE Mon relocate it to monitor 2 it'll have a somewhat degraded framerate until you set it to monitor 2 in the in-game graphics option menu. Leastwise that's what my prior experiences have lead me to believe.
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