TravelDemon plays King's Field: the Ancient City

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User Info: Molitheus

4 years ago#21
theres a dwarf who can upgrade your equipment for you. you will find him later on when you reach the Earth hink thats what that place is called not sure though
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User Info: Barkita

4 years ago#22
Follow up on the old man in the church. I'm at the end of the game. Just piddling around leveling up magic and getting stuff. So I went back to get a vial of poison. You never know when you might need it. So I went to the church and was was killing the birds with magic. Ice clad kills the birds but you get no gold. Fireball and Wind Cutter works and gets gold.

If you go way back to the wall and then come forward the birds regenerate, and sometime a skeleton will come out of the ground. So a skeleton came out of the ground and I killed it. When I went back inside the church the old man was dead and there was a skeleton there. His Rusty key was laying there.
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User Info: destroyer25

4 years ago#23
It's been a while since I've played this game so my recollection is vague, but I think it was this old man that I didn't get all of the dialogue from before he died. I'll try to be more clear: in one of the menus you can cycle through all the characters you've met and it has history of their dialog with you. Part 1 of 7 (paragraph of text). And so on. With most of the characters I met in the game I had seen all available parts of their dialogue. With the old man by the bridge I was missing some of his backstory and never did get all of the "parts." It bothered me since their is such a scarcity of NPC speech.

User Info: TravelDemon

4 years ago#24
Sorry guys, my apathy has been getting the best of me, I'll try and play more soon...
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