Goddamn this is so much harder than HL2

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User Info: doshindude

6 years ago#1
Freakin Headcrabs take out half your health, sorry, but coming from HL2, that's bulls***.
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User Info: WesternEyed

6 years ago#2
Well... this game was made before Half-Life 2. Six years before, in 1998. When we were all still accustomed to really hard FPS's. Just shoot the stupid headcrabs before you get near them.
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User Info: Yojimbo_Beta

6 years ago#3
They're a lot quicker than in HL2, and when the get to melee range, they can leap about a lot, being quite hard to track. Try to get used to their distinct clicking and purring, so you can anticipate them.

Oh, and if you don't like Headcrabs, Blue Shift won't be for you. It's *full* of them.
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User Info: Vozlov

6 years ago#4

Yeah, the biggest complaint is that Half-Life 2 was far too easy. Which it was.

You really want to be checking corners and listening for them and keeping as far away as possible from them.

Learning their jumping attacks and timing your dodges then running up and crowbarring them to death is the best option. Although when there's like 5 of them I'd suggest using guns.

User Info: CYBORG112

6 years ago#5
This was launched in 1998, the time when Fps games wer Hardcore. Growing up in the 90's getting used to hard games my biggest complaint with HalfLife 2 was that its way too easy, hell most games today are way too easy cause people complain about difficulty all the time. Just sad that instead of people getting used to Hard games, Games have to lower difficulty just so people can play. Thats jsut wrong, RIP hardcore games. /end rant
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User Info: diablos_nemesis

6 years ago#6
this is one of the main reasons i am proud of finishing HL without cheating,as it is one of the many hardcore games that came out in the 1990s that were known for their unforgivable difficulty. half life 2 is sort of taking a more story based approach, and at the same time, taking away the difficulty, I still love the HL series (it is probably my favourite series of all time) and the only ones i havent played are the 2 made by gearbox (opposing force and blue shift i think?) and decay because i diddnt know modders got it into the PC.
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User Info: RainingMetal

6 years ago#7
At least HL2 doesn't have Xen.
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User Info: Anon8492

6 years ago#8
I didn't mind Xen.

User Info: Blasterix16

6 years ago#9
I just beat Half Life as of now
they don't make hard games like these no more
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User Info: sequoiadrivex

6 years ago#10
I just beat it yesterday. It was an extremely rewarding experience. I think the difficulty was just right.
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