what does a dna up chip do?

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User Info: trademark2

6 years ago#1
people who play music games are GUITARDED.

User Info: trademark2

6 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: warrior2464

6 years ago#3
Dp doesn't max at 6. My Greymon has 8 Dp. And to get Omnimon you need 20+ Dp.

User Info: Orpheus_90

6 years ago#4
When used it increases your dp by 1..faster if you want to get digimon with certain amount of dp..but it doesn't give you bonus stat like dna do...
The result digimon will be weaker than dna digimon with same dp....
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User Info: Med_Jai

6 years ago#5
Max Dp is 99.
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User Info: trademark2

6 years ago#6
but what exactly does it do?
people who play music games are GUITARDED.

User Info: Smileypants

6 years ago#7
It let's your digimon digivolve into a different digimon. For instance gabumon turns into centarumon with dp of 0-3 I think. After that gabumon turns into some other champion

User Info: MetalKid

6 years ago#8
Yep, Digimon will digivolve into a specific digimon based upon the number of DP points they have. Normally, when you DNA Digivolve 2 digimon together, the net result is 1 more DP to the new Digimon. Using DNA Up chips allows you to get a specific Digimon much faster than trying to DNA Digivolve your way up the the number you need.
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User Info: Dogeci

6 years ago#9
All the DNA Chip up will do is raise the Digimon's DP by 1. Just like DNA Digivolving with another Digimon would do.

User Info: Slymelder

6 years ago#10
Here is a great example of what you're needing to know.

Veemon needs 4 DP to turn into Flamedramon, otherwise it turns into Veedramon.

The only way to get dp is to DNA digivolve 2 digimon of Champion level or higher; or DNA up chip :D. Each time you DNA them you get one digimon back and it's way stronger and has 1 dp, and if you take it and one other digimon and DNA digivolve them that'll make 2. If you do digimon with 2 each, the next you get it 3, not them added together.
So, be careful.
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