dna digivolve techniques

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User Info: agumon132

4 years ago#1
so i'm new to the game and have level 27 magnaangemon maxed out at exp. i want to dna digivolve with level 33 wargreymon and get gatomon, but i don't want to lose magnaangemon's healing technique. will gatomon automically get this? what's the process of a dna digivolved digimon gaining parents' techniques?


User Info: Dacha93

4 years ago#2
DNA digivolved digimon will almost always get all of their parents' techs. The max. number of techs a digimon can have is 12, so be selective if there are a lot of techs. Also, don't worry about the healing tech, Gatomon (when digivolves to Angewomon) will certainly re-learn MagnaAngemon's healing tech. I'm not really sure about Magical Tail (if that's the MagnaAngemon from trade) because it's a data digimon tech and, as far as my experience goes, vaccine digimon ditch data techs, so be careful on that account. Other than that, you don't have to worry about anything else.

User Info: MetalKid

4 years ago#3
When you DNA Digivolve 2 digimon together, the resulting "child" will have access to all the parent's moves except in two scenarios. If you merge 2 Megas together, you get an ultimate. If those 2 megas have more than 12 total champion/rookie moves, you'll lose some. However, you will relearn all Ultimate and Mega moves of both parents plus whatever the child is. The other scenario is simply 1 mega + ultimate or 2 ultimates will give you a champion. If those 2 digimon have more than 12 rookie moves, you'll lose some. I couldn't tell you what order since I've never had that happen.
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User Info: FenixRonin

4 years ago#4
To simplify what Metal said, you won't lose any techniques unless the two digimon you DNA together knew more than 12 techs combined.

As for the Gatomon thing that is no problem, once you DNA your WarGreymon and MagnaAngemon you should get Gatomon. It should know at least one of the champion attacks from one of the parents and as it levels up to 12, 13 and 14 (depending on how many techs you have) you will learn all the techs both digimon knew.

The only thing that might be annoying is that the tech you want to not lose (Hp Recovery) is an Ultimate level attack so your new Gatomon won't learn it until you digivolve it at level 21 and then get it up to level 22 at least.

Hope that might have cleared some things up.
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User Info: Yakato

4 years ago#5
You won't lose any techs at all unless you permanently delete them, so always DNA without worries if it comes to techs unless you're getting a SandYanmamon or something
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User Info: Yamato_san

4 years ago#6
after fusing two Digimon, you have to re-learn the moves via level-up. So with that in mind, aren't you being given the option to select which moves you want to keep? Or does the game seriously just keep you from learning certain random moves entirely once the two Digimon's move total exceeds twelve?

User Info: FenixRonin

4 years ago#7
It won't stop you from learning certain moves once the combined move list from the 2 parent digimon exceeds 12, however the way the game works I'm pretty sure you can only have 12 moves on the list when you level up and the learn tech thing pops up. So the only time you would really risk losing techs is if for some bizarre reason the 2 parent digimon had a combined 13 champion techniques or something like that, then once you level up to level 12 it might be that one of those 13 techs is left off the list.

For the most part though the only way to really lose techs is to DNA into a digimon with no mega form and thus you lose your mega techs. Actually having enough techs to risk losing one when you DNA is going to take a long time and is pretty unrealistic given that there are probably only 3 healing techs you really want on any one digimon, only 1 or 2 interupt techs that are worth a dam, the only two counters I would want are Simely Warhead and Beast King Fist, then there is only like 5-6 normal attacks that you would really want if you are looking for attack power. That is 12-13 techs but for the most part about half of them are Ultimate techs, only one or two champion techs and then the rest are Mega techs so you would never have so many techs that you lose some in that situation.
We seek only reprive and welcome the darkness the myth of a meaning so lost and forgotten - Lamb of God
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