If there was a remake/port of Headhunter, which system would you prefer?

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  3. If there was a remake/port of Headhunter, which system would you prefer?

User Info: l3igl3oss

6 years ago#1
To be honest, I´d prefer if it went for a handheld, as I find the mission based single player mode fit for quick sessions. Either the PSP or 3DS, they share the same button layout as the Dreamcast, but I would like a quick revision of the button layout. Either make it like MGS Peace Walker with free aiming and camera control or keep it as it is, with auto aiming and automatic camera. Since the game is faster paced than MGS and has more corridors, I´d rather have auto aiming and auto camera:

Changes for controls/abilities:
Analog nub/slide pad: Movement, walk and run depending on input. Make it only 2 speeds to distinguish.
D-pad: keep it as it is
L Button (depending if you´re holding or pressing): Change targets/center camera/allows to turn left and right with gun aimed ("manual" aim)
R Button: Aim Weapon/Strafe left and right with gun aimed
A button: Crouch/Roll
X button: Fire gun/Grab enemy/Throw enemy if running into him
Y button: Context actions/Press against wall
B button: Punch and Kick/Knock on wall

I´d like to introduce close quarters combat as I think it would be cool for dealing with enemies without making noise. Grab is a move you do when the weapon is not raised, you throw over the shoulder if approaching a guard running. Punch and Kick is self explanatory and knocking on walls should be your distracting move. The AI would have to be reworked.

I´d also like the camera to take a bird´s eye/top down perspective when in corridors and small rooms. Headhunter already did a good job of turning the camera into a cinematic one once you entered small rooms where puzzles had to be solved, but for corridors it was bad.
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User Info: safarifighter

6 years ago#2
i'd personally love to see it on xbox live arcade! it wouldnt sell on psp, especially in america/UK :/

User Info: l3igl3oss

6 years ago#3
Also, I´d like the ability to drive a car too. Have a scoring system for drifts around corners and passing through uncoming traffic, like Crazy Taxi.
Stand up, this is comedy!

User Info: snowblind

6 years ago#4
A port on XBLA and a remake on for the 360. But I'm struggling to think of what I'd like to be different in a remake other than better bike physics and HD graphics. Maybe a bigger city/beach area to explore.
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User Info: Vyse_skies

6 years ago#5
I'd like to see the original ported to the PSP but with possibly a new mission slapped on with Angela Stern or something like that. You know, so that it isn't a direct port.

If remade, I'd like to see it in the vein of REmake on the Gamecube and later the Wii. Improve the visuals, add more missions, increase the size of the city to incorporate possibly finding another criminal on the ACN hit list. I'm liking the sound of a Cinema or something on the lines of that, or maybe a Funfair/Carnival, Supermarket (not mall. I'm thinking a shoot out by bags of M&Ms :D ) or possibly a Church with underground passages of some kind. Musically, it needs not worry. Voice Acting was some of my favourite in a game.

+ Improve Visuals
+ Expand City
+ Add more missions
+ Add more criminals
+ No Factories.
+ Add more storyline to incorporate new missions
+ Improve, if slightly, the bike mechanics.
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  3. If there was a remake/port of Headhunter, which system would you prefer?

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