Team Fortress 2 Accidentally Unbinding

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User Info: syflox

7 years ago#1
i was playing in TF2 and i bound an action to a key that was already being used for an action, and i typed unbind in the console thinking it would only unbind those 2 but it unbound everyting and i cant move, shoot, or do anything except look around. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

P.S. i already tried rebooting my computer and i REALLY don't want to uninstall it. Is there any command that will reset all of the actions? Thanks

User Info: Hetairoi

7 years ago#2
try resetting your binds to defaults under movement options

User Info: Kawufix

7 years ago#3
-autoconfig in launch options then start the game, remember to remove it afterwards
or you can do a wall run and run on the wall whilst shooting your enemy into the dark and deep beyond.

User Info: Boris_Linden

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: a_grilled_fish

7 years ago#5
Under Keyboard, click Reset to Defaults.
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