No servers showing up in server list.

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User Info: NiNjA_SwOrDz

6 years ago#1
I refreshed the server list and waited 5 minutes and nothing popped up. Stop refresh and then refreshed again and no servers showed up.
I tried the automatic server finder on random and it was stayed at that screen for like 10 minutes.
The above post is true.

User Info: T_800

6 years ago#2
also have this issue.
gt: tominater12

User Info: Mariosonic12

6 years ago#3
Well,this happened to me alot before the Uber update,and it's doing it again now.Along with loadout not working.

Maby this means there will be a update soon to fix all of the bugs.(Please Valve,don't nerf the awesome Tomislav)
XBL GT: Mariosonic12
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User Info: NerdbotMkII

6 years ago#4
This happens to me every time I do a fresh Steam install on a new computer with any game that uses the Steam server browser as a backbone.

Check to see if the external server browser shows servers (i.e. right click the Steam icon on your start menu). If it doesn't it's a problem on your end, that sadly I don't remember how to fix off the top of my head.

User Info: Grimlim

6 years ago#5

Happens to me all the time. Don't refresh all unless quick refresh isnt an option. To fix this i create an offline match against bots, once the game begins i usually have connection to servers again. They tend to work right when i start the game up, so try to join a game quick, and then look for other games while in that game.

User Info: silly_z45

6 years ago#6
had this issue as well!

as stated in another thread of almost the same name,

go into your steam folder and delete


everything will be fixed

User Info: deKnegt90

6 years ago#7
That Clientregistry.blob didn't fix it for me and i have exactly the same problem.

User Info: Judges1922to30

6 years ago#8

User Info: TehFuneral

6 years ago#9

Same problem, I can't find servers, but I can join favorite servers. ...?

User Info: waulnut

6 years ago#10
I have this problem too. It says something along the line of "no servers were found." I refresh a couple of times and only sometimes does it load SOME servers (approx 14 servers when it says it found over 100). Most of the servers that do load are the nightteam server, saigns, and some other servers that I've never seen pre-uber update. I have to resort to either using my favorites and history tab, but still those may end up with no results found.

I used to be able to view the hundreds of servers but the uber update seemed to have done something to the finding servers page.
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