Spy: How to unlock Cloak & Dagger?

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User Info: NoobFalcon

6 years ago#1
Hey, I only downloaded TF2 the other day when it became f2p.
I've already bought loads from the store to get my classes up and ready and I'm already pretty good at the game, mainly because I've played loads of first person shooters.

I've been searching, and cannot find, for a guide or list which tells you how to unlock what items and I've been especially looking for how to unlock the Cloak and Dagger watch for the Spy class.
Does anyone know if it's an achievement and what achievement it may be, or if it's a certain amount of achievement unlocks?


User Info: Kuroskata

6 years ago#2

For future reference most of the answers to your questions can be found on that website or has most likely already been answered here or on the steam forums and will be searchable.

User Info: NoobFalcon

6 years ago#3
Fantastic, I came across it on the TF2 wiki yesterday but it must have been a different page because it didn't have that much information.
Thanks a lot!

User Info: Xandopherus

6 years ago#4
So, uh... I'm just gonna mention that the CnD (while it seems awesome) is a terrible unlock and will only make you worse at playing Spy.

Carry on.

User Info: NoobFalcon

6 years ago#5
I'm sure it depends on the technique you use whilst playing spy, I'll have to see for myself.

User Info: Kuroskata

6 years ago#6
General consensus is that the Cloak and Dagger is situational, but that a lot of spies use it in a way which makes them useless to their team (i.e. staying hidden and waiting to recharge their cloak or for opportunities that never come instead of getting stabs or attacking).

The problem with the C&D is the movement-based drain; spies using the normal invisibility watch can travel very far and easily slip behind the other team (even more easily if the spy knows where the ammo pickups are or stumbles upon fallen weapons), but due to the fact that the C&D doesn't recharge like that, it takes much longer to travel the same distance.

If the map has a lot of narrow areas and chokepoints, C&D spies are pretty much free kills and players on the other team will probably kill you accidentally with splash damage and etc.

Also, another problem is that once you're found and trying to escape, the C&D's very quick drain usually allows anybody hunting you down to find you easily and kill you, where the Invisibility Watch gives you more time to escape and the Dead Ringer can throw anybody except pyros off your trail.

User Info: NoobFalcon

6 years ago#7
Yeah, I suppose that makes sense.
Thanks for the info.

User Info: Fdshadow

6 years ago#8
It's counter-intuitive to the Spy's mindset of being at the right place at the right time, the worst are those that won't even stop using it, pausing to let it recharge, then move until it's almost out.

By that time, you could had moved in as a Heavy and did more damage, -easily-.

User Info: woody71

6 years ago#9
on normal maps it might suck

but on DMSmaps where there is no ammo it's awesome:)
If you want to teach me how to spell, mail me. Just don't clutter my topic.

User Info: arleas

6 years ago#10

From: NoobFalcon | #003
Fantastic, I came across it on the TF2 wiki yesterday

There are two wikis... the bad wiki, which is bad and horrible and old and outdated and full of ads: (tf2wiki.net) and the good wiki which is approved and funded by valve and has no ads and has the most up-to-date information available always (wiki.tf2.com).

Avoid the bad wiki... there's very little reason to go there. Maybe if you want scripts, I think the bad wiki has a better page for scripts, but again, it's old and outdated so it may not even work anymore.
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