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how do you invite friends to games?

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  3. how do you invite friends to games?

User Info: BorisAcornking

9 years ago#1
I've searched around in the menu, but i can't find anything
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User Info: Folka_Albark

9 years ago#2
You cant in TF2. The best you can do is message them and have them join on you through friends.

You can in CSS.

User Info: fi3rcedragon

9 years ago#3
Open a conversation through Steam Friends.
I think you can then right-click the portrait, and choose Invite To Game.

Or, your friend can right-click your portrait and simply choose Join Game.

User Info: Caspian30

9 years ago#4
An invite friend button would be handy

seriously, how hard can it be to implement.
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User Info: LookItsABuoy

9 years ago#5
as hard as an edit button
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  3. how do you invite friends to games?

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