How do you play in windowed mode?

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User Info: Flippyhair

8 years ago#1
and can someone explain the no border thing to me please?
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User Info: TimmayIzWeird

8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Qazicle

8 years ago#3
> Right-click TF2 in the STEAM browser.
> Properties
> Set Launch Options...



Double-click TF2 in the STEAM browser.

I assume -noborder activates -windowed too... given its description in the update-notes.

If you just want a window of TF2, then use


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User Info: pikmintaro

8 years ago#4
I just went into the options and the video mode and it lets you put it in window mode.

I don't know what the "No Borders" thing is though

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User Info: yeahyeahyup

8 years ago#5
Added -noborder command line option to play windowed-mode with no border

you don't have a border around the window

this is sort of self-explanatory
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