Distraction Sprays, care to share?

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User Info: ChuChuYelly

8 years ago#1
I'm looking for some distraction sprays, you know, those sprays you stare at for a few seconds before realising that's the whole idea and you got suckered in.
It can be girls in inviting positions, no blatant nudity though, be tastefull! (drawn or not, but drawn seems to be more accepted in a lot of servers)
Also think 'moving sniper dot', 'sticky trap' or maybe even that spray of a sentry.
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User Info: LordXavi

8 years ago#2
If you use those, you prove you need a extra few seconds to kill someone.
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User Info: arleas

8 years ago#3
The fading spy spray actually caught my attention once or twice... I'd see it out of the corner of my eye and go WTF! and by the time I realized it was a spray I had probably wasted a whole 2 seconds.... enough to make me feel foolish for falling for it though.
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User Info: SorrySleeping

8 years ago#4
Really, you really need a spray to be a better player?

I have a distraction spray, but it mainly stays in spawn, or a wall that you see when coming out of a teleporter.
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User Info: thewin10

8 years ago#5
^Better player? Or maybe it's fun.

User Info: The Dark Adonis

The Dark Adonis
8 years ago#6
Just use Mega Milk as a spray. She gets everyone.
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User Info: SN_Ninja

8 years ago#7
I love using distraction sprays just to see how people react to it, such as a fake sentry, spy, sniper dot etc.
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User Info: jankanpo

8 years ago#8
everytime i spray a hot chick in the gamefaqs server they spray over it with DDR sprays and then just sit there

looking at DDR pads
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User Info: sealedfate

8 years ago#9
A fake sniper spray got me once at the end of a round. I was a pyro running around and tried to burn the "sniper". I lol'd at myself for being so stupid.
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User Info: mykal2

8 years ago#10
can i get a link to the disappearing spy spray?
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