Do you use custom crosshairs?

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User Info: fi3rcedragon

8 years ago#11
You can? I thought there wasn't a crosshair for the sniper's rifle.

I haven't changed back to the default crosshair since the custom ones were first made available.
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User Info: pikmintaro

8 years ago#12
Do you use custom crosshairs?

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User Info: DustMidget

8 years ago#13
For some reason, ever since the update, the rifle has a crosshair when unscoped.

User Info: Infoant

8 years ago#14
I use a tiny bright purple dot, I used to used a white circle at the biggest size, and I'll just fire whenever they were in the circle. Not good for headshots.
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User Info: Kazagin_

8 years ago#15
I prefer the default crosshairs.
They seem to be pretty much the same as the weapon's Hitbox...
The custom crosshair I used to use, a circle with a "+" through it, doesn't work on my prefered server.
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User Info: Videogamechamp

8 years ago#16
Only as sniper.
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User Info: SN_Ninja

8 years ago#17
I did, for no-scoping as a sniper, but I just left it as is for all the other classes as well.

Once I heard the sniper rifle got it's own crosshair, I tried switching back. The original crosshairs are now just strange to me. So I still use the small circle crosshair.
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User Info: arleas

8 years ago#18
I use a small green dot as my default custom crosshair. It actually improves my soldier aim considerably because I can better judge now where the rocket will go exactly, so now when I'm firing just past a wall or ledge or something I can aim precisely so that it will just barely miss hitting the aforementioned wall or floor/ledge.

User Info: Cliftor

8 years ago#19
I like the "T" crosshair built into the game (no 2). I've always been a fan of the T in most games. The horizontal lines give me a reference to help consistency with projectiles that arc, and the vertical line helps with consistency when edging and lining up. I prefer it over the cross because a true cross obscures the center dot somewhat. No projectiles curve "up" so I find the top vertical line useless.
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User Info: Kokuei05

8 years ago#20
I use default,
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