whats youzes guys opinion on the KGB

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  3. whats youzes guys opinion on the KGB

User Info: Penguin_lolwut

7 years ago#1
can be useful at times

User Info: BladeKnife

7 years ago#2
If it had the fist taunt, it would be completely superior.
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User Info: someguyshand

7 years ago#3

The reason I use fists still
(Insert Name) killed Some Guy

User Info: Shepard611

7 years ago#4

From: someguyshand | #003

The reason I use fists still


User Info: SelphyLove

7 years ago#5
I thought the KGB did pretty well keeping Russia under a watchful eye.

We need something like that in America to take out the Gang/Drug/Rape problems.
Could also kill the Fraud in business, through fear and Power.
"As a Christian, I have to say, Selphy's idea is bad ass"-Brendon149
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User Info: Krudmuffins

7 years ago#6
KGB is excellent,
And as much as I miss the POW, cranking out a KGB crit chain is priceless.
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User Info: U_All_Everybody

7 years ago#7
it has fewer records than me

User Info: Zyenu

7 years ago#8
i prefer the fists

User Info: Teh_Wang

7 years ago#9
It sometimes gives the necessary extra power for stopping an offensive push (sans uber), and can can cause panic in opposing teams, if you are in their midst.

Do people really use the fist taunt often enough for it to be the sole reason for not going KGB?
- Savvy?

User Info: VaelVictus

7 years ago#10
KGB's pretty sweet. We've got a contest running this weekend and if I answer 150 questions, they'll give me a shirt. Pretty sweet stuff.
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