How do I bind voice commands (like Thanks!) to one button?

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  3. How do I bind voice commands (like Thanks!) to one button?

User Info: Rlaur2

7 years ago#1
And is it any different than binding a specific phrase? (Like Ohhh, this is bad!)

User Info: HyperRyun

7 years ago#2

for binding, subtract 1 from each number to get your command

e.g. Need Dispenser = bind <key> "voicemenu 1 4"
e.g. Thanks! = bind <key> "voicemenu 0 1"

each characters (except pyro) has a number of random voices for each of those commands but you can't single them out like in L4D
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User Info: SylentSeething

7 years ago#3
Can I bind ALL of the voice commands to a single key?
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User Info: SorrySleeping

7 years ago#4
You could probably create a script that would keep changing lines after you hit the key, but it wouldn't be random.
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User Info: Rlaur2

7 years ago#5
Ok, thanks one more question. What do I type if I want to bind it to keypad 8 and not the regular 8?

User Info: arleas

7 years ago#6

User Info: Rlaur2

7 years ago#7
And thanks.

User Info: gejsiv

7 years ago#8
was going to post arleas's topic. was beaten to the punch.

here are a couple examples of voice command binds that i use.

alias confuse_speech1 "voicemenu 2 6; bind shift confuse_speech2"
alias confuse_speech2 "voicemenu 2 2; bind shift confuse_speech3"
alias confuse_speech3 "voicemenu 2 4; bind shift confuse_speech4"
alias confuse_speech4 "voicemenu 2 7; bind shift confuse_speech1"
bind shift confuse_speech1

bind alt "voicemenu 1 1"
bind v "voicemenu 2 0"
bind KP_END "say_team Sniper up ahead!"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "voicemenu 0 7"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "say_team Incoming Uber!"
bind KP_5 "voicemenu 0 6"
bind KP_HOME "voicemenu 1 6"
bind KP_UPARROW "voicemenu 0 1"

so hitting the shift key cycles between cheers, positive, nice shot, and good job (i use it to not announce to the enemy team that my uber has charged), i can press v to say i need help, alt will alert for spies, 1 will alert for snipers, 2 will say "No", 4 will alert for incoming uber, 5 will say yes, 7 will ask a doc to activate uber, and 8 will say thank you.
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User Info: Rlaur2

7 years ago#9
For some reason it's not working. They aren't saying anything. This is what I put.

bind kp_uparrow "voicemenu 3 2"

User Info: arleas

7 years ago#10

From: rlaur2
bind kp_uparrow "voicemenu 3 2"

maybe it's because there is no voicemenu 3? I believe it's 0 1 and 2.... not 1 2 an 3
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  3. How do I bind voice commands (like Thanks!) to one button?

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