When do you add friends on steam?

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User Info: Freeze_0515

7 years ago#1
For me, it's mainly in-game; if they've helped me a lot or just a cool person to play with, I'll shift-tab then add and they hopefully will respond.
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User Info: youlikepustulio

7 years ago#2
On TF2 if I play with them often and they're not complete jerks/idiots/etc.

I've also added some people for L4D that I hadn't played with much, just so I could have some decent players to play with if I needed them.
One who does not care is one who should not be.

User Info: XioJenesis

7 years ago#3
The only time I add someone is if they are new to my server and they stay for a good week or so. But I rarely add people, they usually add me.
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User Info: Zerohaven

7 years ago#4
I don't.
My list happens to be filled with people I know in real life, and my members from my current clan that add me.
But I havent got a clan, so it has like, 10 peope
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  3. When do you add friends on steam?

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