TF2 Boss - Angry Robot Zepheniah Mann

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User Info: Sailor_Razor

7 years ago#1

HP - 1,000,000,000
Immune to instant kills
Can not heal.
Will stay present even when no players are around.

Rank - Marathon Boss
Robo Zeph will loiter around on his map waiting for players to fight him. He has the following weapons

Mann's Will
A rifle which has 50 rounds loaded, infinite carried, and does not crit. It is moderately powerful, and Robo Zeph's aim with it is not perfect, but not horrible either. (This will be used when everyone is far away)

Mann's Wrath
A handgun that is absurdly powerful at close range, but worthless at medium and long. Five loaded, 45 carried. 50 more shots are automatically given to him 30 minutes after he exhausts all of his ammo. It can't crit either. (This will be used when someone is close to him)

Mann's Concussion
A walking stick which carries the properties of an average melee weapon. It's the only thing that can crit. (This will be used when someone is close to him and the ammo in his Mann's Wrath is exhausted)

The point of this boss is for people to fight whenever they feel like it. The health does not ever regain to reduce frustration (If you've shot him, you have contributed to this long, long battle), and when Robo Zeph dies, everyone who was in the server at the time of his death, has damaged him, and has not went spectator after damaging him will obtain the untradable misc item, the God Among Menn (A large badge), and the melee weapon, the Mann's Concussion (not avalible to Scout or Spy). Everyone in the server will be booted and unable to rejoin for one day, and Robo Zeph's death will be announced on all servers. The God Among Menn qualifies as a hat.

Also note that Robo Zeph instantly respawns.

User Info: Likvogel21

7 years ago#2
Every 'boss' needs diffrent weaknesses (Shooting in the eyes with a sniper will do alot of damage, sapping legs makes him slow, etc etc) else Heavy/Medic would be the only class usefull.
(Dealing more damage/Crits are alot more damage then you would see in a normal TF2 match for the sake of classes having a chance to out-DPS the heavy)

Scout's/Soldier's/Demo's can jump into his a hole in his back and deal more damage from their for a short amount of time (The hole only opens for 10 seconds or so)

Pyro can set afire a oil spill dripping down his leg, when the flame reaches the body it will do crits till the fire stops.

Engineer's wrench always does crits on the bot regardless of where it hits.

Sniper can shoot the eyes for crits.

Spy can sap diffrent body parts, legs would immobile the robot for a set amount of time, sapping an arm would disable the attack send with that arm for a while. And if he manages to reach the head without dying he can sap Zepheniah's Gibus, which will completly disable him for 5 seconds.

And medics, well, they heal people.

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User Info: Sailor_Razor

7 years ago#3

Come to think, the health is PROBABLY overkill. I'd want it high enough so that it would take an amount of rounds to kill.

User Info: bnui_ransder

7 years ago#4
I dont think I would "jump into his a hole in his back and deal more damage" even if it helped more.....
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User Info: Sailor_Razor

7 years ago#5
It wouldn't be a colossus, just normal sized.

At that, weaknesses would work. Though to be honest, I would want it to be so that a heavy and medic won't work for too terribly long. You'd have to have a large team to gang up on him. If it were just a Heavy/Medic duo, he'd just shred them over the course of a few seconds, while if a bunch of other classes were bothering him, he'd switch who he's firing at to try to take everyone out.

User Info: OgreBattle019

7 years ago#6
Want. And, make it so you get a little misc badge that can be placed on a hat.
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User Info: Sailor_Razor

7 years ago#7

The God Among Menn could probably be placed on your chest or on a hat.

Also, I think just around the area of 1,000,000 health would be better.

User Info: HyperRyun

7 years ago#8
Too many people would just cause an unstoppable stream of players that can't possibly die quick enough

you'd need some special weapon that affects multiple people

like rocket hands! travel slow, large explosion, 1000 damage at center of blast
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User Info: bluesoul100

7 years ago#9
how about this

giant robot blutarch/redmond

same thing about TC, except it's a map where both teams are seperated and put into a large area. the robot is the opposing teams hirer, blutarch or redmond. First team to defeat it wins.

giant slayer: deal 1,000,000 damage to the giant robot (gets you beforementioned badge,)
knock him out of the park: use bonk to distract the robot from your team for 1 whole minute without dying as scout (to distract him, use bonk. not a whole minute straight)
with a rocket launcher!: hit every weak point as soldier with a direct hit 30 times.
burning man: as pyro, burn the robot for a whole 200 ammo into the giant.
london bridge is blowing up: as demoman, shoot a grenade launcher into the exhaust of the robot.
Great mother russia: stun the giant with the minigun 100 times.
machine wars: build a sentry gun that lasts 10 seconds against the robots attacks.
making a distraction: uber a character currently being attacked by the robot.
boom, eyeshot: blind the giant 100 times with the sniper rifle.
sapper of the colossus: sap every part of the giant robot 50 times as spy

yeah, these ideas probably suck, but at least it is a different idea.
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