TF2 Poll 2010 Day 62: "So I start up the game and then I see a creepy bald man."

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User Info: guncrashdx

7 years ago#1
TF2 Poll 2009 Days 1 -100:

TF2 Poll 2010 Day 1 - 50:

Day 51: "You have thirty seconds to live!" - Do you have the "Alien Swarm Parasite" Hat?
Results: Yes - 26 || No - 6

Day 52: "Don't mind me. I'll just wait here..." - Do you think the Cloak and Dagger is as bad as everyone says?
Results: Yes - 8 || No - 15

Day 53: "Wait... Wait... WHAT IS THAT! Why is it equipped?!!!" - Do you think the Backburner is as bad as everyone says?
Results: Yes - 12 || No - 22

Day 54: "Here's TF2 Fanmail #7859342356984..." - Did you ever send Robin Walker an E-Mail?
Results: Yes - 14 || No - 6

Day 55: "WTF?! I died from a crit rocket, AGAIN?! RAAAAGEE!!!" - Do you think playing Spy is stressful?
Results: Yes - 17 || No - 7

Day 56: "The Rare Endangered Fatty is STILL Endangered" - Do you think the Heavy is still underpowered?
Results: Yes - 1 || No - 18

Day 57: "Would you rather stand 50 feet away, or 2 feet away?" - Which class are you more worse at, Sniper or Spy?
Results: Sniper - 21 || Spy - 15

Day 58: "Goodness, Conker's Bad Fur Day is worse than this joke!" - Do you think an ESRB T Rating fits TF2 more than an M Rating
Results: Yes - 3 || No - 13

Day 59: "Take your hands off that 360 controller. NAO." - Which did you play first, PC version or Console version of TF2?
Results: PC - 24 || Console - 22

Day 60: "I'M SPECIAL! I HAVE HEADWEAR! REALLY!" - Do you think Hats are Overrated?
Results: Yes - 14 || No - 11

Day 61: "Are you a Maggot or Laddie?" - Which class do you like better, Soldier or Demoman?
Results: Soldier - 25 || Demoman - 29

Today's Question: Was TF2 the very first Valve game you played?

Yes. TF2 introduced me to this amazing company.
"Why take the shortcut when you can take the long way?"


7 years ago#2
no. I started with the original Day of Defeat. All of my friends were into cs but dod was my bag, baby.

User Info: _Emanresu_

7 years ago#3
No. Technically I played a sketchy Half-life 2 version my aunt bought from a market in Vietnam for 20 minutes before the game froze.
86.5% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
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User Info: SmoboHash

7 years ago#4

I actually played Portal and Half-Life 2 on the Xbox before playing this game.

User Info: BahamutZero92

7 years ago#5
Half-Life 2 came first, so no.
Excellent! Jack Frost Go!

User Info: Linkhunter41109

7 years ago#6
No. I got the Orange Box because a friend recommended it, and played Portal first because he also recommended I do that.
"I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said... 'I drank what?'"
— Chris Knight, Real Genius

User Info: tuba_hero

7 years ago#7
Nope. Can't remember if it was Portal or HL2 though.
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User Info: tsurugi_enma

7 years ago#8
Nope. Played the first Half-Life way back when, then no Valve for me until I got The Orange Box.

User Info: Sherardy

7 years ago#9
No, I don't remember what my first was, but earliest I can remember is CSS.
People with sigs have more rights so I'm using one.

User Info: timerider4

7 years ago#10
No, I bought the orange box strictly for Portal. Then I played HL2+Eps. I didn't get broadband to play TF2 until awhile after.
"...Everytime I do it now I imagine the gnome screaming 'THE GNOME DOES NOT LIKE TO BE TOUCHED.'" - themagicpainman
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