TF2 With Directx 11

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User Info: dylan907

6 years ago#1
I want to start getting into playing TF2 again. I played it on PC like 2 years ago and I started to play the boring Xbox 360 Version and it's not fun. I got a new computer and the specs aren't too good. I have Directx 11 on my PC and was wondering if I was still able to play it. Will it just lag terribly or will it not even start? I fit all of the other mimium requirements xD

User Info: henorbaj

6 years ago#2
i dont understand your xD. why did you put that there it is not appropriate

User Info: SylentSeething

6 years ago#3
^I laughed at it because it was so out of place.
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User Info: potatochobit

6 years ago#4
TF2 does not use DirectX11
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User Info: Board_hunter567

6 years ago#5, joke topic?

Also, I just beat Portal 2.
Man that game was good.

User Info: ssj2foolmo

6 years ago#6
Ya I mean this game usually uses directx 13 but there is a mode where you can use directx 11 and it still looks kinda good
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User Info: UrCa1988

6 years ago#7
Why would you get DX11 when your video card probably doesn't even support it?

User Info: XanderKage

6 years ago#8
XD DX11... I'm still on Windows XP.
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