Team Fortress Tips - A guide for new players (updated!)

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User Info: DexterTheThird

6 years ago#11
Thanks IceMage, I learned on your old guide when I was a newcomer. Love the succinct style of "down to basics". Would it be possible to add general tips based on each gametype (payload, etc.) that might be helpful to newcomers?
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User Info: IceMage20

6 years ago#12
Can do. In fact, I'll do it now.

Capture Points
Capture point maps all start with "cp" (cp_granary, cp_gorge, cp_gravelpit), but there are actually multiple types of CP.
- In 5-point CP, there are 5 points on a symmetrical map. Each team starts off controlling 2 (one near their base, one in between their base and the middle point) with a neutral point in the middle. Whichever team captures the middle point, enemy outer point, and then enemy inner point wins.
- In attack/defend CP, the BLU team must capture all the control points (or at least the "final" control point, with other "optional" control points that will just make getting to the final one easier) while RED team defends. At the end of the round, teams swap. There are also multi-stage A/D CP maps, such as cp_dustbowl, which is the same thing except one "round" consists of three smaller, separated maps (usually with just two control points each).

Territory Control
A fairly unpopular game type (there's only one official map - tc_hydro), Territory Control is basically like 5-point CP, except it's spread across multiple smaller maps in which there are only two control points (one owned by each team). Capturing the enemy point progresses to the next "stage" of the map, but if the enemy captures your point on the next stage, then it goes back to the previous stage.

Capture the Flag
... except the flag is a glowing briefcase. CTF maps (like ctf_2fort, ctf_turbine) are just like any other capture-the-flag game mode, but with some twists. First, you CAN capture the intelligence (aka the flag) if your own intel is not in the base. Second, dropped intel returns to the base after staying on the ground for a certain amount of time - you can't instantly return it or pick up your own intel, so you have to defend it until it returns on its own. Third, capturing the intelligence will grant your entire team 100% critical hits for 10 seconds.

A fairly unique game type, Payload maps (like pl_badwater or pl_goldrush) are sort of like attack/defend CP, except there's only one control point and it moves. The BLU team must push the cart (by standing next to it - more people make it move faster) along the track through various checkpoints and then to the final point, while RED defends. If the cart goes untouched by the BLU team for too long, it will start to move backwards. Much like attack/defend CP, there are single-stage maps (pl_badwater) and multi-stage maps (pl_goldrush, pl_hoodoo).

Payload Race
Just like Payload, except RED has a cart too. Both teams try to push their cart from their base into the enemy base while also preventing the enemy cart from doing the same. Note that in this mode, carts will not move backwards. Currently, the only official playload race maps are plr_pipeline and plr_hightower.

King of the Hill
King of the Hill takes place on small, mostly-circular maps (or perfectly circular in the case of koth_nucleus) with a single control point in the center. Whichever team can hold the point for a total of 3 minutes wins. Note that the timer will pause, not reset, if the opposing team captures - if BLU holds it for 2 minutes and 50 seconds straight, and then RED captures it, BLU will only have to recapture and hold it for 10 seconds in order to win.

Arena is the "deathmatch" mode of TF2. In Arena, there is no respawning, and you win by killing every member of the enemy team. To make things interesting, a single control point will open up in the center of the map after a certain amount of time, and capturing this point will also give you an instant win. Arena maps, predicably, begin with the "arena_" prefix.
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User Info: Jrasantos

6 years ago#13
The Guide is finally updated.
*bows head*
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User Info: Alpha218

6 years ago#14
Good work

Should add stuff about the Free-to-Play thing though since virtually every new player will be on that and it might confuse them
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User Info: RedMage323

6 years ago#15
I don't see anything about Fast Weapon Switch in the advance multiplayer menu.

User Info: IceMage20

6 years ago#16
That's probably because the Advanced window from the Multiplayer tab has been moved over to its own main menu button, labeled "Adv. Options." If only I could still edit the first post...
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IceMage20 posted...


saLUEtes posted...
Ah good tips

zero7717 posted...

I'll never understand this.
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User Info: vegetta4

6 years ago#18
Any tips on how to configure a x-box 360 controller?
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User Info: IceMage20

6 years ago#20
For anyone wondering what the difference is between a "free" and a "premium" account, here's the free-to-play FAQ:
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