The Differences Between "Premium" and "Free" players.

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User Info: Jrasantos

6 years ago#21
Nicely done
I'm always the last person to post in a boring thread.

User Info: sojiki

6 years ago#22
nice good info

User Info: electroflame

6 years ago#23
WolfpackX posted...
Are those "rare" items gettable through achievements?

Actually, the "Rare" tag refers to items such as the Unusual Haunted Halloween Metal (or whatever it's called), the Saxton Hale mask, etc. All of those are tied to an achievement. If you go to the crafting page and click on "Rare" it will show you some of the items.

However, I believe if you are a free player, they never drop for you.
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User Info: I_Am_Simthy

6 years ago#24
Good topic, and lol@ Premium Extremists.

User Info: jtoke

6 years ago#25
Backpack:---50 slots-------------------------------300 slots (expandable up to 1000)

expandable to 1000 items, eh? i dunno... that kinda worries me, i can totally see the option to "rent" 30 days worth of extra backpack slots coming around at some point.
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User Info: HtownFtball56

6 years ago#26
If I buy The Orange Box would that count as purchasing a retail copy and upgrade me to premium?
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User Info: TehFuneral

6 years ago#27

^ the way I see it, yes.

So free players can't wear hats :cry: ?

I dont think they should do free/prenium accounts if so they need to give $10 to the poeplewho bought the game after F2P was initiated

User Info: ShadowHog

6 years ago#29
...I think you meant "before".

User Info: Elfishguy11

6 years ago#30
I commend you TC.
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