Heavy teaches engie how to make sandviches

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  3. Heavy teaches engie how to make sandviches

User Info: treez_123

5 years ago#11
anyone else love the engie's facial reactions?
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User Info: Beriorn

5 years ago#12
This is your TF2 on acid.

Any questions?
"Oh yeah!"
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User Info: tiomasta

5 years ago#13
I think I have a new spray
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User Info: GeneralFox

5 years ago#14
Yeah, someone posted this the other day in the equestriadaily mirc chat. The ren and stimpy art style mixed with tf2 and a cupcakes ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOVDu7etQlc ) remixed song made me laugh.

They get so worked up on how to make sandvich lol...

Now they need to do something with Log or the song happy happy joy joy!
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User Info: paradoxworld

5 years ago#15
This is bugging the crap out of me. Does anyone have the link to the heavy singing the evil enchantress song? Pinky pie originally sings it. It is in the same musical style as this(hoovy singing), but a different song, and it uses the original clip for the animation.
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User Info: oxbow33

5 years ago#16
CreepGnome posted...
mlfw people realize this is based off of a MLP song

a million times this.
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User Info: smackfan

5 years ago#17
I recommend watching the cupcake song first then the sandvich one. I first watched and hated it then watched the cupcake song and it made it a thousand times funnier.
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User Info: Geminia999

5 years ago#18
Ponies, Ponies everywhere
But not a one to ride.

But seriously hilarious video, scout at the end was amazingly perfect.
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User Info: thenacho

5 years ago#19
good video
best animator
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User Info: DarkspineZero

5 years ago#20
I hate MLP and I liked the video.
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