Crate Simulator 2000!

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User Info: marioismyhomie

5 years ago#1
Open lots of crates without having to buy keys!

User Info: Dr_Medic

5 years ago#2
$680 dollars spent

Well, can't make rent.

User Info: _Pheso_

5 years ago#3
Burning Flames Gentleman's Gatsby uncrated after $82.50

Stormy Storm Detective Noir after 342.50 spent....totally worth it...

One more...

...Circling Peace Sign Baker Boy...again, not bad but not worth $485

This is why I only spend $10/2weeks on keys and only sell them for metal/bills/etc.
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User Info: kowolf

5 years ago#4
Stormy Storm Brain Bucket in $40.00. maybe i should buy keys..

User Info: GaMeKzwner101

5 years ago#5
$395 till a Orbiting Fire Merryweather...
awesome hat o:
I changed this because of Skyrim

User Info: Taiketo

5 years ago#6
Stormy Storm Reggaelator at $40
Confetti Geezer at $110
Sunbeams Milkman at $645

I think I actually made a profit.
Is it elitist to crave efficiency?

User Info: Taiketo

5 years ago#7
Just found two steaming stovepipes in under $100 difference between.

Then a flies stovepipe and a planets football helmet one after the other.

Is it elitist to crave efficiency?

User Info: WeirdScout

5 years ago#8
$5605 well spent.

User Info: NickOfTime

5 years ago#9
Scorching Flames Heavy Duty Rag after $10


User Info: ultimus665

5 years ago#10
I spent 8700 dollars.

But I got 31 unusuals so I'm happy.
GT: NardsofDoom
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