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User Info: Chicken

5 years ago#1
Since the Garry's Mod board is dead, I'll ask here. How do I get TF2 models in Garry's Mod? Is there a tutorial somewhere that I could use?
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User Info: MC_BatCommander

5 years ago#2
Try the official Gmod forums.
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User Info: Blitzkr13g

5 years ago#3
You should be able to just tick the option in the main menu to mount TF2 content.

If you can't do that, you've either pirated Gmod or TF2, which is blitheringly stupid considering Gmod is ten bucks (even less when it's on sale, which is often) and TF2 is free.

User Info: scarred_steak

5 years ago#4
Have TF2 installed then boot up GMOD since the game will instantly detect the tf2 gcf files then allow you access to use them. But if you have TF2 installed and still can't get them to work in GMOD then what Blitz said in his second sentence. I once plundered GMOD to test it out but then bought the game right after when I saw the potential of fun and merriment.

Also, If you're lucky you can get someone to give you a Valve coupon to bring the 10 bucks to 5$ or 2.50$.
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