TF2 Was Ruined By Going F2P

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User Info: 0o_ZeroWing_o0

5 years ago#21
VALVe is earning 12x the amount of money after the F2P update.
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User Info: TectonicImprov

5 years ago#22
...How does having money make you automatically better at TF2 than F2Players?
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User Info: XLCheese

5 years ago#23
TF2 was always easy.
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User Info: zero7717

5 years ago#24
I was playing on servers where nobody cared about the objective before the game went F2P so it doesn't really matter to me.

If anything, I'm of the opinion that the game going free-to-play was a good thing, since it's far easier for people to start playing the game now.
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User Info: anonymous46773

5 years ago#25
Stop playing pubs.
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User Info: AnimeRPGFan

5 years ago#26
Id Hyren posted...
way back when people actually paid for tf2, you got the sense that they put the slightest amount of effort into learning what in the hell they're doing.

Ah, there it is. First sentence, even.
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User Info: dranoz

5 years ago#27
Eh, even before f2p, tf2 was something most people "paid" for only as a throw-in with The Orange Box. The barriers to entry were never high, and there was no subscription fee. I suppose with f2p what we are probably seeing is an influx of children who did not play before because they had no access to money/credit cards. But what do you expect? The game is a cartoon...
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User Info: foolm0ron

5 years ago#28

From: Catcher_Freeman | #006
Remember when you were new and horrible at TF2? Give the F2Pers time and they'll become good.

No? I've been playing since day 1 and I was always at least above-average
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User Info: Krudmuffins

5 years ago#29
Yes, TF2 was ruined when it went out of beta, it was ruined again when the medic update came out, and then again with every other class update. All intermediate updates adding new hats and trading also ruined it, encouraging players to make replays ruined it, F2P ruined it, Grordbort ruined it, and the Mannconomy ruined it.

TF2 is ruined daily according to the community, and yet, it seems to thrive.
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User Info: reignofkain

5 years ago#30
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