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User Info: Fenriswolf

5 years ago#1

From Hero Academy

User Info: GeneralFox

5 years ago#2
The spy mask is kind of intimidating... Other then that the rest are ok I Guess...

User Info: iMillatime

5 years ago#3
only one i don't like is the demo one.
It's Millatime
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User Info: Emporer_Kazbar

5 years ago#4
I like the Demo and Spy one, the Pyro one is meh, and the Scout one is dumb looking.
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User Info: SnookiLuvr

5 years ago#5
Emporer_Kazbar posted...
I like the Scout and Spy one, the Pyro one is meh, and the Demo one is dumb looking.

Changed to fit my opinion
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User Info: vidgameking84

5 years ago#6
They're all pretty weak imo
aka The Marvelous Breadfish

User Info: synthetiksin

5 years ago#7
The spy one looks nice, but these don't feel like they fit even with the current "fantasy" items. What I do like is the fact that they are trying to match some of the demo's stuff with the soldier's.

User Info: Gastroid

5 years ago#8
I can see the Ninja Cowl being worth something.
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User Info: effeffjay

5 years ago#9
All of these look terrible and the scout/spy stuff is way too animoo
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User Info: guncaddy

5 years ago#10
Gastroid posted...
I can see the Ninja Cowl being worth something.

not seeing it since that comes with the game itself, the others come with packs for the game.
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