MvM tips here. Covers general strategies and class tactics.

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User Info: SalsaSavant

5 years ago#1
I logged a few hours in MvM today, mostly as Medic, but I used some of the other classes as well and talked strategy with my team. As of now, here are some tips. These may not be as good once new strategies are formed.

General tips:
A+>All. You get an A+ when you grab all the money dropped by robots. Once you get one, you'll get a large cash bonus. Go for the A+ at all costs. At times, it can be even more important than your objective. The extra money you get is definitely worth it. You'll find yourself struggling if you don't get an A+ at least half the time.

If you failed to pick up some cash and won't get the A+, the importance of money has suddenly dropped. It's still important, but focus your efforts on the fight now.

Medics and Heavies are essential. Medics do the usual, and Heavies are the only ones capable of handling tanks.

Medic+Pyro- the new Medic+Heavy? When Pyros get the perk that lets them restore health on every kill, they suddenly become great Medic buddies. The health they restore from their kills combined with the health they get from the Medic makes them nearly invincible. Even Crit rockets barely make them flinch. Of course, this can work for all classes, but it works best for Pyro because the robots group together, making them easy Pyro prey.

Sometimes, ignoring the bots in favor of a tank is best. If you have a good Medic, you might just be able to eat the hits, especially if they're Scout bots. Be responsible about this though, and don't let 20 of them gang up on you. And NEVER do this with Pyro bots.

Medic tips

Crits are HIGHLY recommended. Either bring Kritzkrieg or a canteen full of crits (or both.) Use them on a Heavy when he's trying to take out a tank or during a big wave. If you're using a canteen, save them for the last wave or a really tough one.

The ability to share your canteen with your buddy is essential, but hold off on buying it until later waves. It's expensive.

Grab cash. Sometimes, your partners will be too busy fighting to grab them. As a Medic, you're in a good position to grab the cash for them. Just don't do anything stupid. A few bucks isn't worth your life. Then again, an A+ just might. Balance your need for an A+ with the current situation when considering something risky.

Know what abilities your partners are using. You might just be able to come up with a strategy.

Heavy tips

Tanks are your number one priority. When one is out, focus most of your attention on them unless there's an emergency. Get Medics to give you crits when firing at them.

Giants are your number two priority. Use standard tactics against them.

Pyro tips

MvM is Pyro heaven. Robots bunch up like crazy, making them perfect Pyro bait. Be sure to buy the perk that restores your health with every kill.

Blow sentry busters back, and let the sentry work it's magic. This does more damage then just flaming at it and is a great way to support Engies.

Blow back bomb carriers. You can reverse the enemies progress this way.

Scout tips
Think of yourself as disposable. I'm not knocking the class here at all. The instant respawns Scout gets let's you do some reckless heroism. Just don't be stupid about it.

Sniper tips-
I'm not going to lie, Sniper seems like he isn't that usefull as the others. But he can still be useable. I recommend supporting your team with upgraded Jarate. As usual, focus on high priority targets

Engie tips-
Move the sentry to near enemy tanks. The extra damage can work wonders.

When Sentry busters are on the way, you can try and move your buildings... but the buster will chase you. I'm not going to lie, this can get hilarious. When doing this, find the nearest Heavy and hide behind him.

Soldier tips-
Really, standard tactics apply as far as I can tell. Focus on groups of enemies.

User Info: stonelikearock

5 years ago#2
The Sniper can be really useful if you upgrade his rifle to penetrate enemies and explode on headshots
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User Info: spartan911

5 years ago#3
Dealing with sentry busters: get the 2-way teleport upgrade.

Put entrance near your sentry nest, exit in a low-traffic area.
Once the sentry buster shows up, grab your sentry and teleport away.
Drop sentry and wait for the sentry buster to come to you and go into explosion mode.
Pick up your sentry and teleport back to your nest.
Dispenser and sentry are saved.
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User Info: Asellus

5 years ago#4
Medics and Heavies are essential. Medics do the usual, and Heavies are the only ones capable of handling tanks.

Melee actually works really well on tanks. You won't out dps a heavy shoting at it from close range but you won't run out of ammo either.

User Info: yarou

5 years ago#5
Scout + Babyface's Blaster + Max speed upgrade will give a pretty nice speed boost, increase the Bat's speed and scout can be pretty useful to distract enemies or take groups of scoutbots.

Only downside is you start extremely slow, so the waves before you max upgrade your movement speed can be pretty tough if you get killed and have to get right back to the area.

Crit-a-cola is also a great thing to use with this, for obvious reasons, a full speed bat with crit-cola's effect can deal some serious damage, even to tanks..

User Info: Imbackhahahaha

5 years ago#6
Asellus posted...
Medics and Heavies are essential. Medics do the usual, and Heavies are the only ones capable of handling tanks.

Melee actually works really well on tanks. You won't out dps a heavy shoting at it from close range but you won't run out of ammo either.

An upgraded Pyro is also very useful against a tank
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User Info: AbsolutelyAlex

5 years ago#7
5 wrangler engies and a pyro are enough for regular MvM (I don't know about Mann Up), but it's boring; basically point and click.

User Info: Bald_Money

5 years ago#8
The Huntsman works pretty well in MvM. If you get the reload speed + damage upgrades you can rapid-fire 120 damage arrows.

User Info: pandakunnkku

5 years ago#9

Let Medic charge and fill the entrace with stickys. If no tank, shoot stickies at rocket, nearly every robot concentrated just to get it which I think is a bit boring.

Same, let the Medic charge and fill middle of the tank field critstickys and blow up, support when Medic loads charges and do it again. Haven't get succesful braking yet but I found it does a looooot of damage!

User Info: CatToy

5 years ago#10
I didn't read the entire list.

But the bit about Heavies being the only thing capable of handling tanks is incredibly incorrect.

Edit: In fact, tonight my team and I after finishing Mann Up mode were messing around with silly builds. I played Heavy out of curiosity and Heavy + Crits was by far the least effective thing we've ever used against a tank.

What HAS worked well:

Sticky Launcher with crits.

Upgraded Scattergun with crits. This one was really surprising, but the Scattergun has a massive clip fully upgraded and an incredible reload speed.

One of the earliest examples of success that we found was alternative the crits between two Soldiers (as our team played through Mann Up with two). As one Soldier reloaded, the other unloaded. A constant barrage of very high damage.
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