TF2 Outpost vs. TF2 Warehouse

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User Info: 133k

5 years ago#1
I've been using TF2 Outpost for a while now, but have seen quite a few people talking about TF2 Warehouse. My question for those of you who are better traders is which one of these should I use/when should I use them?

User Info: SuperMegaGuy1

5 years ago#2
TF2 Outpost if you like people
TF2 Warehouse if you don't
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Started: July 6, 2007

User Info: Imbackhahahaha

5 years ago#3
I prefer the warehouse. Set prices and quick and easy
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User Info: 133k

5 years ago#4
I don't quite understand how TF2WH works... so you trade items for credits, but you can't trade certain "overstock" items. You then redeem these credits for items. Is that it?

User Info: Dante200X

5 years ago#5
Basically, yes. It's all done by bots too. For the most part, the credit system is very fair and they generally have a good selection of stuff.
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User Info: InfernoCrossing

5 years ago#6
TF2WH when I feel lazy.
TF2Outpost when I have too much free time.

User Info: TectonicImprov

5 years ago#7
You don't wanna deal with sharks and lowballers? Use TF2Warehouse.

Wanna try and get a good deal for your item? Go to trade servers or occasionally TF2Outpost.
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User Info: ReevScythe

5 years ago#8
I'd love to use th2wh, but I stopped doing so when I could sell NONE of my hats for credits.
This went on for long enough to making me spend my remaining credits and never use it again
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User Info: ArcticPlague

5 years ago#9
I use TF2 Trading Post. Am I missing out? >_>

User Info: Febrel

5 years ago#10
Warehouse is usually better for getting a fair exchange immediately, instead of having to deal with lowballers and highballers and Spreadsheet value vs. future value debates at the Outpost.

However, at the Warehouse you can't buy or sell expensive items until you build weeks of trust (thanks Valve -.-). And the Warehouse stalls sometimes before adjusting price tags or adding new items to the database. Plus, SO many common items are overstocked.

Outpost is better if... You need to buy/sell something that the Warehouse doesn't currently stock/accept or have a proper price tag for. >_>

Really, you use TF2WH for proper trades and trade servers for Scrapbanking and exchanging Refineds for Hats. Outpost has too many idiots for the former and takes comparatively too long for the latter.
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