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User Info: NessInEagleland

4 years ago#11
speaking from only personal experience. I never had any trouble against mini sentries. Not even on scout in Harvest.

Just like any other class with an advantage. If im REALLY getting harassed by a minisentry with one class. Ill switch to another and counter it. No big deal
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User Info: Crazy_tank51

4 years ago#12
Raise the cost on it a bit and I'll be good. Seriously, I'm sick of breaking one at the expense of most of my health if I'm not soldier/demo/spy only to have one pop up with another 3 seconds!
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User Info: NeoSamus12

4 years ago#13
-Less/no health regen while constructing
-Making it's sight-line consistent with its model (ie. Shooting through badlands window despite the model's height being too short to shoot through it, none of that crap)

Those are really the only things I think are needed, although I wouldn't mind the following:

-Less range (makes them less potent at locking down Scouts/Pyros/explosive jumpers on open maps)
-Less knockback (see above)
-Slightly less health (So rockets can one-shot them)

Just because Minis are meant to be a distraction, not an actual threat that is as viable at area denial as its big brother against several classes and just as durable as far as Soldier goes.
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User Info: darkservant13

4 years ago#14
Dunno why people like using these so much. Sure they might be fun but you know what?

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User Info: arbingordon

4 years ago#15
I think " Deploys at full health and continues to gain health during construction if damaged, making it more difficult to destroy before completion. " makes it just a wee bit overpowered, effortlessly locking out scout play.

At least with regular sentries the engineer has to invest *some* time into building up.

User Info: arbingordon

4 years ago#16
Bassmasta91 posted...
I hate minisentries, but I see the appeal. If it were up to me, I would nerf the gunslinger by either making it so that killing the Engie destroys the minisentry, or that destroying the minisentry causes a small bit of damage to the Engie.

Something like this could work as well.

User Info: BakedStuffEtc

4 years ago#17
- Bring them down to 90 health
- Nerf the Wrangler or simply make minis un-wrangleable

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User Info: vidgameking84

4 years ago#18
Just realized i misstyped the question

It's supposed to say handle, not handing. I'm assuming most of you all figured that out though.
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User Info: Kibago

4 years ago#19
generally people are just whining (like with 90% of things people think are 'broken' - broken means 'use, pick a direct counter or lose'.). but there's a couple levels where they slide into OP. so i'd be fine with making them non-wrangle-able. fits fine for flavor (too small to contain wrangler electronics), fits fine for balance.
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User Info: Uncle_Leroy

4 years ago#20
I think a decent nerf would be to just make it so they don't regain health while they're building. It would mean it's not as easy to spam in people's faces, you'd have to be a bit more tactical about when you place them down or just deal with having less powerful of a distraction.
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