Least favorite class both to play and to play against, and why?

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User Info: wantfastcars

5 years ago#1
I'm aware this has been done before, but I'm curious - what are your least favorite classes, both to play as and to fight against?

For me, it's Scout for both. I'm terrible at killing them (and consequently get killed by Scouts seemingly much more often than any other class) and even worse at playing as them. I can't aim the Scatterguns for crap, I'm bad at dodging, and I feel super fragile. On the other hand, I swear every enemy Scout I face has 0 Ping and overheal. I know that obviously that isn't true, but enemy Scouts seem to take much longer to kill than it takes for me to die when playing one.
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User Info: Tuoh

5 years ago#2
I don't like playing Sniper because I don't like camping.

I don't like playing against extremely skilled pyros, because they can effectively counter evert class im competent with. xD
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User Info: Lord_Vader

5 years ago#3
I hate playing as Soldier because of the speed sacrifice and generally because I suck at rocket jumping.

But what I hate even more is facing a demoman. I don't mind demoknights but when a demo grenade can kill you in one hit it gets annoying. And if the demoman is spamming his grenades into one area over an over again it gets really frustrating.
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User Info: FabuIous

5 years ago#4
least fave to play is probably heavy.

least favorite to play against is a high level scout.
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User Info: Gauge_Theory

5 years ago#5
Least favourite to play is heavy. They move horribly slow and die easily to spies, snipers and teamwork.

Least favourite to play against is gunslinger engies. Simply because I have to deal with both their minisentry and them, and if I destroy their minisentry first they'll just drop another one down.

User Info: AdmiralDiggler

5 years ago#6
Least is probably Sakuya, I beat Remilia fine but those later knife patterns man >:|
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User Info: NessInEagleland

5 years ago#7
least favorite to play: Engineer. Because it takes so long to build a level 3 anything and yet it can get destroyed so easily. so frustrating

least favorite to go up against: Heavy. Its frustrating to sneak up to a heavy. lay the first 3 hits. and still lose the skirmish
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User Info: Coberholt

5 years ago#8
I am a simply abysmal demo, the only time I can do anything at all is when I am using the LnL or knighting

I feel like I have no bad match ups, but I feel like my worst match up is versus soldier because literally everyone has perfect tracking and aim
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User Info: CaioNV

5 years ago#9
I want to make a message only saying the word "Phlogistinator" followed by a period, then in the next line say the topic is over using a slash and the word "topic". I will be more creative tough.
There isn't a least favorite class to play as, TF2 is just too good. To play against tough... I guess a immortal Spy with the Dead Ringer... and the Saharan Spy set. It's hard to find him, giving him enough time to recharge the Dead Ringer and avoid death again...
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User Info: ShenanigansMan2

5 years ago#10
To play as: Gunslinger-less Engineer.

To play against: Scout.
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