Spy - Sapper vs. Red-Tape Recorder

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User Info: Ultrachao

5 years ago#11
The Recorder is flat-out better so it gets my vote, but I still like the stock Sapper more.
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User Info: Aganar

5 years ago#12
Recorder is OP. Even if you're right there as Engie to knock it off, your stuff will still wind up at level 1. It's ridiculous.

User Info: MasterAshKetchem

5 years ago#13
tiomasta posted...

MasterAshKetchem posted...
If it's level 3, it's you're gonna have to either just flat-out destroy the entrance and leave the exit intact

But on the other hand, the default sapper can't do anything better than that either. Compared to the recorder, it's not actually made to destroy fast or anything, it's just the one that has existed in the game since forever which has no real focus at all.

Destroying faster would the upside of this over the recorder, but the thing is that even the default sapper sure takes its darn time to destroy stuff by itself. People who just assume that the sapper is miles better at "destroying stuff" don't know enough about the sappers to vote.

Did you even read my post or just read a word and assumed the rest? Also, I gotta laugh at the "sapper isn't supposed to destroy stuff faster cause it's stock and therefore unintentional". It's an attribute of the default sapper versus the RTR, simple as that. Your's has to be one of the most pointless points that I've ever read lol.


The regular sapper doesn't restore health at any point, but the RTR restores a building's health when it de-levels it. Let me really break this down since you're having a hard time here.

- Find a Teleport entrance for the other team.
- Equip the RTR.
- Place the RTR on the level 3 Teleport Entrance.
- Shoot the Tele Entrance.
- Teleporter de-levels to level 2.
- Teleporter now goes back to having full health (for a level 2 building).
- Now you can either A) Stick around and wait until it delevels completely to 1 before destroying the entrance with your revolver (If you're a RED spy in Attack/Defend trying this at BLU's spawn, it just isn't gonna happen) or B) Be satisfied with deleveling a Teleporter to level 2.

Now here's the situation with the default sapper;

- Find a Teleporter for the other team
- Equip the Sapper
- Place the Sapper on the level 3 Teleporter entrance
- Shoot the entrance
- Actually destroy the entrance cause it didn't restore health
- You most likely did not get discovered and/or killed if you're using IW or C&D.

In this one situation the Sapper is better than the RTR. I also said in my original post I don't know if this is a glitch or intentional behavior. If you actually craft a reply to this, I do hope that you actually read this time.
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User Info: MasterEchu

5 years ago#14
Ill take sapper, I can still kill ti even with the engineer there, plus Im just a fan
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