I hate getting autobalanced right when my team is about to win the round.

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  3. I hate getting autobalanced right when my team is about to win the round.

User Info: Oil_Rope_Bombs

5 years ago#1
I really do.
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User Info: IlIlIlIlIlIlIl

5 years ago#2
Or getting auto"balanced" upon every death.

User Info: Nano Kitsune

Nano Kitsune
5 years ago#3
For me it's after I finally destroy the blue sentry nest, the engine rage quits and I get sent to a losing Blu team with no engine and I have to go engie and build the nest back.
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User Info: DexterTheThird

5 years ago#4
The only time I actively dislike autobalance is when the server autokills you for balance. That's just cruel.
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User Info: Ol_Tod

5 years ago#5
Oh look. An original post.
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User Info: CaioNV

5 years ago#6
It's hilarious to be auto-balanced, then later auto-balanced BACK.
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User Info: AdmiralDiggler

5 years ago#7
So just secretly be a Touhou. When you reveal it they'll think twice about that auto-balance.
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User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

5 years ago#8
worst feeling is getting killed for auto when you're a medic with 90%+ uber
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User Info: rmcrowley

5 years ago#9
Haha, yeah. Though I had an interesting game where at the start of three rounds in a row I was autobalanced, and each time the team I was autobalanced to won.

Of course, recently I had what you were describing happen on defense on a cp map -- I killed two guys who had almost capped the point with 1 minute left, buying my team enough time to get to the point, but dying to a stray rocket in the process. Then I'm autobalanced, and the other team has the point locked down...
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User Info: Kibago

5 years ago#10
yeah, i do hate this. only autokill is unjustifiable but it always sucks.
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  3. I hate getting autobalanced right when my team is about to win the round.

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