Answer my 3 questions...

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User Info: LaGoone

5 years ago#1
1- What class(es) most need weapons, and in what slots?

2- What will be the next major change to tf2? (Ex- Mvm, Mann Co.)

3- What happened to XanderKage?

User Info: Falco_Taveren

5 years ago#2
1) Engineer and Demoman.
2) Dunno.
3) Dunno.
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User Info: AdmiralDiggler

5 years ago#3
1- Cirno

2- Blazblue update

3- It was Reimu, Reimu did it.
The walked in was......................Marise Krismas!
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User Info: InfernoCrossing

5 years ago#4
1. Engi (Every slot) and Demo (Primary)

2. Smissmas 2012

3. Something I don't care about

User Info: crunchyfrog99

5 years ago#5
I remember XanderKage....
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User Info: TropicMoon10

5 years ago#6
I was going to make a topic about where Xander has been, but it probably would have gotten deleted for being off-topic. lawl
-TropicMoon - true story

User Info: ProffesorSock

5 years ago#7
1- Spy could make use of a new Invisibility Watch and Engineer really needs a new secondary. I also think Demoman deserves another Grenade Launcher.

2- Australian Christmas 2012 will be the next major update.

3- I'm afraid I don't know who that is.
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User Info: Dore

5 years ago#8
Engie and Medic need weapons badly.
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User Info: Chicken

5 years ago#9
I saw someone named XanderKage in an MvM game a couple of weeks ago. I asked if he was from GameFAQs, but he said no. :(

User Info: BakedStuffEtc

5 years ago#10
Demo (primary, secondary) and Medic (secondary)
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