Your favorite engie load out

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User Info: BakedStuffEtc

4 years ago#31
if we're posting our hat loadouts too:

I tried making my Engie look like Tinker
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User Info: GeneralFox

4 years ago#32
Crabhammar posted...
GeneralFox posted...
CaioNV posted...
GeneralFox posted...

Damn good loadout.

Thanks BTW, I try to pick hats, miscs and even items that go well together instead of just putting random crap together that looks terrible. I theme I guess you can call it. So far a few of my classes have loadouts like this, like my festive sniper, my demoman, ect.

c'mon son, now we gotta see those!

I've posted some of them a few times, trying not to over play my cards lol.

Festive Sniper

Festive Huntsmen

My sniper set up is probably the most unique of the bunch I have. I ended up building around my strange festive weapons when I noticed sniper had a few potential items that could make it work. Hoping one day I can upgrade the Tough Stuff Muff's with a Blizzard Storm Unusual version of the same hat.

Scotish Pride Demoman:

I was so happy when they finally releashed that body piece for Demoman lol. Now debating on weither the Scottish handshake is best melee or the Ham Shank ( which I still need ).

El Muchacho Pyro:

Nothing too special, debating on replacing the eyes with the Burning Bongos Misc for a little more creativity. Shotgun is fitting on this due to the actual movie made around "El Muchacho" last year lol.

Medic Loadout 1

Nothing too special again, except most people use one of the pipes misc. I liked the mutton mann better honestly.

Spy Loadout 1

Spy Loadout 2

Had to try it when I got the unusual hat, I like it ok. Pocket Watch ( Dead Ringer ) is a little bit more old school in terms of watches I guess. But for the most part I swap out watches like crazy, normally using the stock one. Hat's ok, but not as fitting as the magistrate mullet IMO.

Spy Loadout 3

My "Gangster" themed loadout. Personally I really want the sleeveless with gloves misc that they keep saying cannot work in game ( dang... you can see it here if interested: )

There's a few others I'm experimenting with, like an undead dragon theme I'm calling it for Pyro:

I want a lot of different miscs for this though to wear... ( Fallen Angel for Dragon styled wings ( tail might work as well ), Sight for Sore Eyes, Apparition's Aspect to suggest the Pyro is dead, Bonedolier for skulls across the chest area, so much potential if they ever give us more slots for miscs )

The Backburner is just a test to see how well it and the powerjack work together for flanking ( which honestly is pretty nice IMO), the backburner looks good for this loadout if I can make it work.
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User Info: GeneralFox

4 years ago#33
Also playing around with the new medic hair, which I find has a lot of potential IMO. ( Makes me think of that one movie that has it focus on this nerdy mad scientist that I cannot remember the name for the life of me that is trying to be a bad guy, but has the hots for this girl he meets once a week at the dryers when they do their laundry lol )

I need to get the non robot pipe set to see if it's better, but it's another one I'm experimenting with.

So far the demoman and sniper set ups are probably my favorite of the bunch. The sniper is probably the most unique IMO of my set ups as well.

Also note on the sniper set up, I replace the laugh taunt with the Noise Maker: Winter Holiday when I'm aloud to use it. Since it compliments the set up much more then the laugh taunt does.
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 - Official Teaser Trailer: *excited* lol

User Info: Nanaya_67

4 years ago#34 only load out I ever use.

User Info: ToastyOne

4 years ago#35
I run Cyborg engi.

User Info: Ultrachao

4 years ago#36
Oil_Rope_Bombs posted...
That's not the point. The issue is, it only increases building speed by literally a few milliseconds, less than 30%. The upside is not worth the downside.

unless they changed it since i last checked, that's only the case with sentries.
dispensers go up about a second faster.

i dont really play engi too much though, i usually just use it at the start of a round to help other engineers build/upgrade and then switch, so there's no real reason for me to NOT use it. a few seconds total can make all the DIFference sometimes.
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User Info: Scoota-Bot

4 years ago#37
I like to use widowmaker/pistol/gunslinger, the hats/miscs I use are the mercs mufflers, the tuxxy and the teufort toothkickers.

User Info: spaceminer93

4 years ago#38
Personally I'm all-stock except for the Southern Hospitality
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User Info: WarVeterinarian

4 years ago#39
Widowmaker + Pistol + Wrench (sometimes Eureka on certain maps)
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User Info: UnrealLegend

4 years ago#40
GeneralFox posted...
Hat: Vintange Texas Ten Gallon
Misc1: Texas Half-Pants
Misc2: The Mutton Man ( Waiting for a more suitable cowboy themed misc, like a dusty cowboy coat )

Primary Weapon: Strange Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Wrangler
Melee: Golden Botkiller Wrench MKII ( Would love a Golden Wrench though ) =C

I just think of it as my golden fever Engineer...

This is almost my exact loadout
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