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User Info: HeyPeterMan

8 years ago#1
So my wife sold my dreamcast a few years ago, and I finally decided to buy another one off ebay and get this game, shenmue and sega rally 2. Its been years since ive played and cant get the powersliding back. im using manual tranny with sensitivity as low as it will go. anyone still come by here? I need some tips. Thanks !
"Gimmie 2 Utah, Gimmie 2"

User Info: VirtuaRacing

8 years ago#2
Hi Peter,

Got your msg. :)

Ok going from my Daytona USA 2001 vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3LmdFRKmGU

Here is one frame from the original movie.


As you can see I use 2nd gear as in 4/2/4. Tho Daytona 2001 has the same style of drift mechanics as the arcade the speed at which things are done is not the same. It takes a meaty 2nd gear to get the car to kick in like it does on the arcade.

The only way you can replicate/mimic the arcade is to play it the same as. That means you need each individual gear on demand. A 4/3/2/3/4 will not drift the same as a 4/2/4. Here is my config. I also use the normal Dreamcast controller.


Here is my analog settings. Please note it can take time to get used to - people forget it's an analog stick. Grip the pad well and steady that thumb and you should get the hang of it. I'd been at it for a week from not playing it for years when I created that vid. Thats the difference...


Anyways hope thats of some help. I love this game. Not enough hours in the day to play them all.
XBL Gamertag: F40

User Info: VirtuaRacing

8 years ago#3
Oh one more thing...

This is nice. Go to the GAME CONFIG and go down to BGM TEST. Before you press A to select the tune to play pick tune 056. Make sure the volume it up and shut your eyes. Enjoy! :)
XBL Gamertag: F40

User Info: Outrun2SP

8 years ago#4

My sensitivity bar is all black, other then that my setting are the same as VR. Try both, see which one you prefer.

The grip on the analog is very important, you need to have a tight grip, but also your thumb needs to be very loose at the same time, so you can slightly move the analog stick during a drift.

The positioning of your car is very important during a drift, you need to aim your car to the correct postion, if not you will be touching walls or grass.

Some people hate the Dreamcast analong stick, so they use third party controllers or a PS2 controller with their Dreamcast, personally I prefer the Dreamcast controller with Daytona, the PS2 controller works great with some other games on the Dreamcast, but not with Daytona in my opinion.

Try the easier cars first, like Grasshopper or Falcon, then try Hornet which is the most balanced car. Just a little warning the game plays a little different with each car, if the car is faster then you need to start your drift much quicker then you do with the slower cars in the game.

Also, the Japanese version has no sensitivity settings, it's pretty much impossible to master this game, the controls suck in the Japanese version. If you own the Japanese version, then get the American version, it's the best version.


What are your best times for each track, and your best laps??

User Info: HeyPeterMan

8 years ago#5
Thanks guys !! I'm also starting to get used to the DC controller after not playing for years. Its funny that the game is just as much fun as when I bought it in 01.....I drove 3 hours to Denver, CO to find a game store because no one sold it in the ski town I lived in.

I appreciate the tips....no I'm off to play for a few hrs.
"Gimmie 2 Utah, Gimmie 2"

User Info: VirtuaRacing

8 years ago#6

Your have to forgive me but I am very, very fussy and particular how I play Daytona USA 2001. I treat it as if it was the arcade machine and will only use the Hornet with Medium Grip - Default Laps ect... Just default as can be to the arcade machine. ;-)

I also only play with the AI cars just in that classic Daytona USA way. Time Attack does not interest me. The other cars do not interest me either tho yes I wanted everything unlocked just in case an option would pop up for an Arcade mode seeing as the original arcade music is in the game - man I wish there was. :-/


Three Seven Speedway:

Dinosaur Canyon:

Sea-Side Street Galaxy:

Desert City:

National Park Speedway:

Circuit Pixie:

Rin Rin Rink:

Mermaid Lake:

Just for the record I have the Euro PAL version. I guess they are the same tho we never had online play on ours. I play mine in 60hz via scart RGB or VGA depending what I fancy to play it on...
XBL Gamertag: F40

User Info: VirtuaRacing

8 years ago#7
That reminds me, I'm sure all my races have had 40 CPU cars in them. :)


I have a replay from RJAY63 doing a very nice Dinosaur Canyon.

Total Time: 2'47"718
Best Lap: 40"015

Car: Hornet
Tyres: Medium
Laps: 4
CPU cars: 20

His Dinosaur Canyon total and best lap is quicker than mine!!

Here is RJAY63's best Three Seven Speedway:

Thats another thing. The Pit Lane trick may make for quicker times but I wont use it!!! :)
XBL Gamertag: F40

User Info: Outrun2SP

8 years ago#8


Make you sure your wife don't sell your Dreamcast again. :D Daytona USA is my favorite racing game of all time, I don't really consider Outrun a racing game, it's a driving game. My favorite 5 Sega Racing/Driving games are, Outrun 2SP, Daytona USA, Outrun 2, Sega Rally Championship, and Scud Race. I love Daytona 2, but it's not in the cream of the crop.

I'm glad you're enjoying this game again as much as I've enjoyed for all the years I owned it, this game will never get old. I take a break for a month, then I come back play it everday for a few months. :)


I play the same way my friend, I never play Time Attack or championship mode. I only use 2 cars with this game, GrassHopper and Hornet. I just picked the easiest and the slowest car in the game, but I pretty much mastered the game with this car :) It's also the prettiest looking car in the game. I can probably break my records by a second or less, if that's even possible with the Grasshopper.

I have different VMU, with the Hornet records, when I find it I will post all my records. The PitLane trick is very hard to master, RJAY63 thumb is on steroids, he's a cheat. :P

Three Seven Speedway: 8 LAPS

Best Time: 2'25"578 - Fastest Lap 00'17"609

Dinosaur Canyon: 4 LAPS

Best time: 3'08"671 - Fastest Lap: 00'45"327

Sea-Side Street Galaxy: 2 LAPS

Best Time: 3'18"906 - Fastest Lap: 01'35"857

Desert City: 4 LAPS

Best Time: 02'58"921 - Fastest Lap: 00'42"327

National Park Speedway: 6 Laps

Best Time: 03'42"609 - Fastest Lap: 00'35"796

Cicuit Pixie: 8 Laps - This is the only Track I didn't use GrassHopper, probably played it a total of 10 times in all the years I owned the game, it's my least favorite.

Best Time: 02'30"531 - Fastest Lap: 00'17"265

Rin Rin Rink: 6 Laps

Best Time: 03'37"578 - Fastest Lap: 00'34"796

Mermaid Lake: 6 Laps

Best Time: 04'37"562 - Fastest Lap: 00'44"718

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