Easiest way to get red orbs quickly?

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User Info: Zareth

9 years ago#1
Is there an easy way to get red orbs quickly?
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User Info: Lord Faust

Lord Faust
9 years ago#2
If you're in mission 4 or 7, you can fight a weakened Phantom for 500 orbs. Then just save, reset, and reload, and you can fight him as many times as you want. Best way to defeat him is with Air Raid or Vortex. If you're past that point, tell me where you are, and I can try to recommend a good spot. Getting S ranks helps too.
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User Info: iz3820

9 years ago#3
mission 17 plasma's in the biplane room...I forget how many orbs you get per minute, but its better than any other method. They respawn when you leave the room, and multiply when killed.
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User Info: justaNewbie

9 years ago#4
The best "orb farming" times/locations are...

Mission 4 (any difficulty) -- Kill Phantom in the hallway over and over again via save/reset/reloading (you can save and reset mid-mission using the Select button menu) for 500 orbs each time. Investing the red orbs you earn in Vortex and purple orbs makes this process even easier. You can also do this during Mission 7 (when you exit the sewers).

Mission 4 (only Normal mode) -- After defeating the Shadow, when you leave and return to the fountain room you'll have to face Sin Scythes, which are easy to kill with two close-range shotgun blasts. Most of the time only three will appear (40 orbs each for 120 total), but the first time you re-enter the room and every third or fourth time after that the game will keep pumping in more of them (9 for a total of 360). When they're all gone, leave and return to the fountain room to face more. You can do this as an alternative to repeatedly quitting and restarting Mission 4 after killing hallway Phantom (that gets old quick). You can also do this during the Mission 7/8 intermission so you don't get penalized timewise when your mission performance is ranked.

Mission 4 (any difficulty) -- Intentionally fail the Phantom Babies 2 secret mission over and over by using your weapons. I recommend this room over the cathedral since it's a lot smaller, even though there are only 120 orbs worth to be collected here. Using Vortex makes short work of the little buggers. If you're playing a later difficulty, you can also use Infernos or fully-charged Nightmare Beta shots (very cool). Taunt any stragglers (or a fresh room when you re-enter) to replenish your devil gauge.

Intermission between Mission 7 and Mission 8 (only Hard or DMD mode) -- Instead of jumping across the bridge in the giant hall where Dante first entered the castle, drop down to the bottom and make your way to the fountain room. Phantom will be waiting for you there, but he'll be easier to defeat (like he is during the hallway battles); Air Raid works pretty well against him, especially if you get behind him so your bolts go through his abdomen and his head as they'll do double-damage. Again, you get 500 red orbs each time you defeat Phantom, but be careful not to exit the room and return to repeat the process until your devil gauge is replenished. (You can do this during other missions as well, but a time penalty won't affect an end-of-mission ranking if you use this intermission instead.)

Mission 11 (any difficulty) -- Jump down into the "well" in the center of the area, run a little further away from the opening in the ceiling so you don't inadvertently exit, DT, and then either Inferno or Vortex all the Blades down there for a lot of orbs. Afterwards, you can either destroy the breakable wall, run past the rest of the Blades that are released, collect the Sign of Chastity, jump back into the "well" and stay near the top of the screen and use grenade gun shots to build up more devil gauge to finish the rest of them, or simply save/reset/reload the mission before breaking through the wall instead. I'm not sure how many orbs this yields, but I think the next method is safer and more convenient anyway...

User Info: justaNewbie

9 years ago#5
Mission 16 (any difficulty) -- After killing the Plasma that appears on the statue in the giant hall, proceed to the biplane room with the Ifrit gauntlets equipped. As another Plasma approaches, you can continually Magma Drive it to build up devil gauge if necessary. If it creates a single Plasma when it dies, keep Magma Driving to extend the combo for more red orbs. If it creates two new Plasmas when it dies, DT and roast them with Inferno. When you have devil gauge to work with any time you enter this room, shoot the Plasma with E&I or the shotgun to create three before Infernoing the group for additional red orbs. If a duplicate survives the Inferno and you still have a decent amount of devil gauge remaining, return to shooting to create another three and Inferno them. Any time you run out of devil gauge, exit the room via the blue door and return to start over (if you go through the red door in DMD mode, you'll have to kill whatever's in the curved hallway before you can return).

User Info: shadyelf

9 years ago#6
^Are you the legendary "jaN" I've heard about on the DMC3 board?
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User Info: Foxhound3857

9 years ago#7
Yup; that's him. He's the reason that people say "jaN'd" when someone gets beaten to the punch (gives someone valuable information first).

I'll add a few, but these only apply to Hard/DMD mode.

Mission 1-4 and 7/8 intermission: Go to the Study not far from the main hall (the room where you get the Rusty Key from a petrified Bloody Mari). Just below that room, near the door that leads to Blue Orb Fragment #4, is a Fetish on Hard mode and up. Equip Force Edge and launch the Fetish then sjuggle him to death with Combi 1 + high times or E&I. You get approximately 65 red orbs for juggling with the FE, and 45 with E&I.

Mission 1-4: In the hallway otuside the Fountain Room (the hallway where you receive Alastor), there is usually a Shadow guarding the door. It's an easy 350 red orbs per Shadow (and a large Green Orb to keep you minty fresh), and sometimes a second one will spawn to add to the fun. Use the Critical shot method with E&I to kill them quickly (jump on their impaling spike and blast their eyes with E&I VERY RAPIDLY to make them go critical almost immediately), and you'll be up to your eyeballs in red orbs.

I farmed 15,000+ red orbs here within an hour. It's AMAZING.
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User Info: lastfirstborn

9 years ago#8
Awesome, I didn't know a couple of these methods. Thanks guys.
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User Info: Craz-E-tooN

9 years ago#9
I farmed Phantom 2 until I had Alastor maxed out, 7 DT runes and one full life bar. It was an exercise on patience for sure, but it worked. I later farmed plasmas for end game odds and ends.
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User Info: justaNewbie

9 years ago#10
shadyelf > Are you the legendary "jaN" I've heard about on the DMC3 board?

Errr. The word "legendary" in that sentence makes me very uncomfortable; I've not done nearly enough for it to be appropriate. I'm probably more of a DMC "fixture" than a "legend." ;P
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