how to get easy mode?

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User Info: Mega-Jason

7 years ago#1

User Info: justaNewbie

7 years ago#2
Unless you're renting Devil May Cry and are primarily interested in seeing the entire storyline then returning it since it's not your type of game, do not opt to play in Easy-Automatic (EA) mode because:

-- the auto-comboing system takes control of your hand-to-hand weapon combos, reducing DMC to a mindless tap-attack-button-rapidly-whenever-anything's-near chore for the most part; this same feature makes it difficult to learn the timing for the various sword combos you can use in Normal and later difficulties since what Dante does is completely up to the computer instead of up to you; NOTE: if you hold down the R1 button while doing combos in EA mode, the timing of your button presses won't be overridden but there will be an extra second or so of recovery time before Dante can run again that you wouldn't experience in any other mode (in other words, EA mode actually punishes you for trying to play DMC like you're supposed to, and "rewards" you for button-mashing)

-- your attacks do far too much damage to enemies/bosses and theirs do far too little to Dante to make the game even mildly challenging; you'll also face fewer and weaker enemies which shortens the game length dramatically

-- Dante starts out with extra health and DT glyphs; he also regenerates lost health at a ridiculously high rate whenever he DTs

-- certain enemy types like Shadows are completely absent from EA mode's standard missions (though they do appear in certain Secret Missions) because mindlessly jamming the attack button will not kill them; Fetishes and Frosts are omitted from EA mode as well for the same reason (so if you only play DMC in EA mode, you won't see everything the game has to offer)

-- you can't devil-charge the shots of projectile weapons by holding down the shoot button for a while then releasing it due to EA's auto-rapid-fire feature; furthermore, you can usually hold enemies in the air longer with E&I by consistently tapping the shoot button quickly enough yourself

-- all of the points listed above combine to make Normal mode that much more difficult for you to handle when you're ready to move on since every one of the "training wheel" features listed above will vanish; if you attempt to play Normal mode in the same manner you played EA mode, you will die... a lot

-- unlike the other difficulties, earning all mission S-ranks in EA mode won't display the "King of Hell" photo at the end of the game

**VERY IMPORTANT** -- when you complete an EA mode game, you're automatically dropped right back into another EA mode game; you aren't allowed to continue from an EA game save to any other difficulty, it's an endless loop; this means there's no way to buy/collect a ton of stuff by playing EA mode over and over again then carry it over to Normal, then Hard, then DMD modes -- you must start and complete a brand new Normal mode game from scratch in order to reach the tougher difficulties and unlock the additional playable characters and "all S-rank screens"; some people become extremely upset once they realize this after playing through EA mode multiple times -- a few even mistakenly think they've already moved on to the higher difficulties

User Info: justaNewbie

7 years ago#3
Now that all that's out of the way...


To unlock the Easy-Automatic "difficulty" mode you need to fulfill the following conditions for one of the first 3 Missions in a Normal mode game:

Mission 1 - Use 1 Vital Star and/or at least 1 Yellow Orb
Mission 2 - Use at least 1 Yellow Orb
Mission 3 - Use at least 2 Yellow Orbs

The option to switch won't appear until you complete the mission you used the item(s) in.

User Info: Ryan86

7 years ago#4
Jesus Christ, it's jaN!

Long time no see!

How are you faring, man?

User Info: FinalFLuver

7 years ago#5
im having the same problem, i want to play in the easy are u saying that you have to use those yellow orbs in ALL 3 missions AND complete the mission?? So i have to beat the stupid spider thing??

I ended up using all 4 of my yellow orbs on that spider and not once did his HP go below in other words i should prolly just stop playing this game....

User Info: justaNewbie

7 years ago#6
> i have to beat the stupid spider thing?

Only if you refuse to restart the game from scratch. The key word in what I posted was one...

> To unlock the Easy-Automatic "difficulty" mode you need to fulfill the following conditions for one of the first 3 Missions in a Normal mode game:

So you can just start a new game then intentionally use 1 Vital Star and/or at least 1 Yellow Orb during Mission 1 and switch to EA mode when you complete it.

On the other hand, you might want to invest some time in learning to defeat Normal mode Phantom instead. If so, the info in following topic should be helpful...


Ryan86 > Long time no see! How are you faring, man?

Well, I'm a rather wiped out at the moment, but still kicking -- that always tends to happen around this time of year... ;P

BTW, a belated 'happy holidays' to you!

User Info: GoukiAkujiki

7 years ago#7
Ryan, you will also be a legend in my eyes. How long has it been since you did your 3 rune fresh DMD SB run? Did you get Vagrant Story yet or what?

User Info: Ryan86

7 years ago#8
jaN: Happy Holidays for you too, buddy! Nice to see you're still kicking. You should show up in PB, ya?

As for me (even though you didn't ask :p), I'm quite fine: finished uni, worked for one year, then gave up on it and started a master's degree now at 2009. And since late August 2008, I'm training Kung Fu: as yo ucan see I'm going for the title of "master" badly, be it on studies or martial arts. :p

Gouki: wow man, thanks! I must apologize for I do not remember your name, but I'm also not around GameFAQs so often (I do check daily but posting is scarce). And yeah, great times back when I did that Fresh DMD 3 DT Runes run! Believe me, ever since that, I could NEVER play DMC1 with more than 3 DT Runes: the way you play changes so that I just got used to it. I believe it was back at 2005 that I did it, maybe even before DMC3 was released. Or was it at 2006? Anyway, I was kinda new around here, learned to properly play DMC thanks to this board. ^^

As for Vagrant Story, yeah I got it, but I started it and coughIcouldn'tsaveforsomereasoncough. I'll get a proper way of playing soon, fear not. I might not post in GF but I'm keeping a gaming blog at PB, so when I get to it, I'll definitively post there.

See you around, guys!

User Info: JochNessMonster

7 years ago#9
Yo, guys :p

Have you played DMC4 yet, jaN? (I'm not even gonna ask about DMC3 <_<)
I put the monster into Joch Ness Monster :p
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